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TOWNSEND — The details of Dr. Maureen Marshall’s contract as the new superintendent of schools have been released, after Marshall signed a three-year deal.

Marshall will start off at $157,000 for the year, effective July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2007. Her pay at that point will increase to $163,280, effective until June 30, 2008, then continues upward from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009, at the rate of $169,112.

Marshall’s beginning salary is the same as she now earns at the helm of the Quabbin Regional School District. She has been superintendent of that district for the past 20 years.

Marshall will also be starting off at $14,000 per year more than that earned by outgoing Superintendent James McCormick.

Her contract will expire on June 30, 2009, unless extended by the School Committee, and any extensions of the contract will be negotiated on or before October 1 of the final year of the contract.

If Marshall wishes to terminate the contract before the expiration date, she may do so by giving at least a 60-day notice to the committee.

Marshall agreed to furnish and maintain, throughout the term of her contract, a valid and appropriate certificate qualifying her to act as superintendent, as required by Mass. General Law, Chapter 71, Section 38G.

In addition to engaging in consultative work, she may accept speaking, writing, lecturing and other engagements of a professional nature as she sees fit, provided they do not derogate from her duties as superintendent.

Marshall will also have complete freedom, subject to law and legally-binding contracts within the district, to organize, re-organize and arrange the administrative supervisory staff in such a way as best serves the district, in her judgment.

Her contract stipulates she will be reimbursed for all expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of her duties, including but not limited to the cost of meals, transportation and attendance at appropriate local meetings and conferences, and she shall be a member of the Teacher’s Retirement System.

She will also recieve in the vicinity of $8,000 to $10,000 in each year of her contract for an annuity or mutual fund.

Marshall is entitled to all insurance, inclusive of medical, hospital and life benefits , with the district paying 80 percent. The committee will also contribute, to the insurer of their choosing, 100 percent of a disability insurance policy. She will however pay 100 percent of the dental plan coverage currently subscribed to by the district.

The contract also allows Marshall to choose a term life insurance policy, with the district paying up to $1,800 per year toward that policy.

Marshall will receive 35 working days as annual vacation, exclusive of legal holidays, and that vacation time may be cumulative to 50 days. The superintendent shall take at least one vacation of no less than five consecutive workdays per year. She will also receive 100 sick days immediately usable upon execution of the contract.

She will have the option of early retirement after serving at least six years as superintendent, provided she delivers written notice by November 1 of the year she plans to retire to be eligible for a lump-sum payment. If Marshall opts for an early retirement, she will receive a lump-sum payment based upon the percentage of five percent of her base salary for the year preceding her retirement.

The school district will supply Marshall with a computer for her home and any appropriate communication devices to be selected by her. When her contract is completed, any technology given to her shall be returned to the district.

The contract also states the committee and Marshall will meet at least once each year for the purpose of discussing her job description and performance, as well as the working relationship between the two.