TOWNSEND — The Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, April 24, and Sunday, April 30:Nashoba Publishing

Monday, April 24

P.M. Dudley Road, officer wanted, gas can found on side of the road; 5:01, North End Road, neighbor/tenant, verbal argument between tenant and landlord.

Tuesday, April 25

A.M. 8:47, Meadow Road, animal complaint, dog complaint; 10:38, Brookline Road, fire alarm.

P.M. 12:34, Walnut Street, officer wanted, vehicle identification number requested; 12:55, Main Street West, dispute, tenant moving out with rent still due; 1:22, Seaver Road, animal complaint, hissing snake in house; 2:40, Route 119 East, report of vandalism to Harbor Fire Station; 3:37, Turnpike Road, suspicious activity, suspicious vehicle parked; 7:55, Willow Drive, lost cell phone reported; 8:35, Main Street West, noise complaint, work being done on gas station; 9:33, Turner Road, ambulance call; 11:21, Main Street West, suspicious vehicle parked at vet clinic.

Wednesday, April 26

A.M. 7:11, Brookline Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 8:48, Main Street East, suspicious activity, party in parked car taking a nap; 11:13, Route 13 South, suspicious party reported picking up cans.

P.M. 1:40, Brookline Road, assault/battery; 2:17, New Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 3:54, Dudley Road, noise complaint; 4:58, Proctor Road, ambulance call; 6:19, Warren Road, fire alarm.

Thursday, April 27

A.M. 2:48, Dudley Road, suspicious person knocking on doors; 11:06, New Fitchburg Road, assist other agency.

P.M. 4:44, Highland Street, fire alarm; 4:48, Scales Lane, fire alarm; 6:35, Scales Lane, burglar alarm; 6:39, Pheasant Ridge Road, ambulance call.

Friday, April 28

A.M. 12:14, South Street, ambulance call; 12:36, Center Mall, suspicious activity, limo driver pulled over; 12:50, Scales Lane, suspicious activity, lights on in a suspicious car; 1:49, Turnpike Road, domestic/family; 2:07, Turnpike Road, arrest; 8:45, Balsam Drive, person reported husband not showing up for a meeting, later found; 9:00, South Street, ambulance call; 10:02, Route 13 North, officer wanted, 18-wheeler struck a pole; 11:21, Balsam Drive, ambulance call; 11:28, New Fitchburg Road, officer wanted, found property.

P.M. 11:59, Fitchburg Road, noise complaint of a bulldozer operating.

Saturday, April 29

A.M. 8:46, Main Street East, suspicious activity, smoke coming from cleaners in the mall; 9:23, Route 13 North in Lunenburg, assist other agency, excessive speed complaint; 11:54, Police Department, vandalism to a car.

P.M. 1:13, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 1:15, Fitchburg Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 3:27, Police Department, report of a teenager missing, later found; 4:32, Canal Street, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 6:16, Main Street East, ATM card found at bank; 6:30, Willard Brook, fire alarm; 7:26, Spaulding Street, suspicious activity, call for service person trying to get cell phone.

Sunday, April 30

A.M. 9:42, Ryan Road, larceny, missing iPod; 10:04, Pine Street, mailbox vandalism reported.

P.M. 12:38, Route 13 North, motor vehicle complaint; 2:13, Lunenburg Road, burglar alarm.


Friday, April 28: Jon K. Parkhurst, 38, 7 Weymouth St., Fitchburg, assault and battery.