To Fellow Grotonians:

On May 16, you will have the opportunity to vote for your choice to fill the one-year seat on the Groton-Dunstable School Committee. Although this is the only contested office on the ballot, it is an extremely important position to fill. I would like to explain why I think that Paul Fitzgerald is the best choice that you could make.

I have known and worked on committees with Paul for several years. He has excellent ideas that contribute to problem-solving with analytical and thoughtful solutions. He is a good listener who is respectful of others’ ideas and contributions.

Paul has proven, during his one-year tenure on the School Committee, that he is an extremely valuable and contributing member. It was Paul’s idea to have the school district pursue competitive bidding for health care coverage. As a result of the action taken on this idea, the school district had a 2 percent decrease instead of the 15 percent increase that had been projected. This amounted to half a million dollars off the original budget, which was then used to hire four more teachers and a school psychologist, directly benefiting our students and their education. As a retired teacher and longtime resident of Groton, this is the kind of innovative thinking and aggressive yet thoughtful initiative that I admire.

I have been privileged to know Paul’s wonderful family as well, and I know how deeply they all care about the quality of education in the Groton-Dunstable system and throughout the nation. Paul’s personal education and professional background in business management have made him a natural to serve on the budget and finance subcommittee of the School Committee this past year.

Paul has many other ideas to promote excellence in education involving better service to our special needs and gifted students as well as all levels of students within our classrooms. While striving for this excellence, he is aware of the cost of these programs for all of our citizens. As a result, he is constantly searching for ways to accomplish this excellence that will be fiscally responsible and engender support from the entire community.

We are all most fortunate to have a man of such integrity, resourcefulness, and intelligence serving on our School Committee. Please join with me in helping to keep him there, by voting for Paul Fitzgerald on May 16. Thank you.