SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, April 24, and Sunday, April 30:\\

Monday, April 24

A.M. 7:53, Front Street, motor vehicle accident; 8:41, Moore Drive, central station burglar alarm; 9:51, Keady Way, missing person.

P.M. 3:13, Keady Way, party dropped off found unused ammunition; 5:16, ambulance sent to Lancaster Road; 6:38, Walker Road, annoying telephone calls, complaint filed; 6:46, Keady Way, officer wanted to speak with caller about earlier incident at the school; 9:06, ambulance sent to Clark Road; 9:45, Keady Way, officer wanted; 11:52, Harvard Road, caller reported shots being fired in wooded area.

Tuesday, April 25

A.M. 8:49, Townsend Road, animal complaint; 8:59, caller requested to speak with officer regarding ongoing investigation; 9:08, Lawton Road, assisted Groton police department; 11:40, Fire Road 10, Fire Department sent to Lunenburg as mutual-aid.

P.M. 12:14, Hospital Road, public safety meeting; 12:52, Clark Road, animal complaint; 1:19, Keady Way, general services; 3:42, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout; 5:04, ambulance sent to Main Street; 6:54, lost dog reported; 6:58, Lawton Road, two-car motor vehicle accident with no injury; 9:34, Clark Road, burglar alarm.

Wednesday, April 26

A.M. 2:06, Nashoba Hospital, assisted citizen; 11:02, Keady Way, parties in lobby to see chief; 11:39, Keady Way, general services.

P.M. 12:26, Groton Road, assisted other agencies; 3:35, On-the-Common, possible chimney fire reported; 3:40, Mt. Laurel Circle, party in station reported assault; 4:36, Front Street, business burglar alarm; 5:07, Benjamin Road, suspicious person; 5:35, Hospital Road, motor vehicle stop resulting in party to be summonsed.

Thursday, April 27

A.M. 12:19, Front Street, animal complaint; 7:27, Lancaster Road, general services; 8:12, Patterson Road, Fire Department sent engine for wet down; 8:51, ambulance sent to Harvard Road.

P.M. 12:01, posted election warrants in various locations; 5:13, Benjamin Road, disabled motor vehicle; 9:12, Parker Road, traffic citation.

Friday, April 28

A.M. 2:05, Main Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 6:12, Mt. Laurel Circle, property reported stolen from vehicle; 10:00, Townsend Road, disabled motor vehicle; 10:26, Spaulding Road, property found; 10:34, Lancaster Road, speeding complaint.

P.M. 2:00, Clark Road, harassment complaint; 2:32, Fredonian Street, parking citation; 2:37, Phoenix Street, parking citation; 4:08, Great Road, advised Lazaro Paving to move vehicles parked on the road; 6:17, Shaker Road, traffic hazard; 9:03, Fredonian Street, caller reported possibly seeing coyotes in area.

Saturday, April 29

A.M. 8:20, Lancaster Road, officer wanted regarding dust at job site; 10:36, Keady Way, officer wanted.

P.M. 12:25, Front Street, brush fire; 12:35, Fire Department responded to brush fire, sending an engine to Leominster-Shirley Road as mutual aid; 2:51, Hazen Road, general services; 2:56, ambulance sent to Caleb Road; 3:10, Lancaster Road, business burglar alarm; 6:19, Shaker Road, building found open; 9:47, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:22, Benjamin Road, disabled motor vehicle.

Sunday, April 30

A.M. 12:58, Center Road, domestic disturbance resulting in arrest; 1:30, ambulance sent to Front Street; 1:36, ambulance sent to Rodman Avenue; 8:07, Great Road, burglar alarm; 11:50, Fire Road 5, assisted Lunenburg police department.

P.M. 1:14, Shaker Road, burglar alarm; 6:04, Front Street, business burglar alarm; 9:32, Keady Way, officer wanted;

Arrests:Nashoba Publishing

Sunday, April 30, Desiree Gendron, 29, arrested for assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, malicious destruction of property, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.