Renegades vs. Spirit

The Renegades played an exciting game against Team Spirit on yet another sunny Sunday afternoon. With a shortage of players, Nick Bissell, Emily Goglia, Rachel Pemper, Katie Grace, Cameron Fairweather and Katie Bramlett all showed good hustle going the distance for the whole game. Cameron Fairweather showed determination on offense and made a great assist on a Katie Grace goal. Katie Bramlett led the offense scoring multiple goals. Nick Bissell and Rachel Pemper had plenty of enthusiasm and made some great defensive saves. Emily Goglia was always right in the thick of it showing great hustle and drive.

Team Spirit played with great effort and teamwork in their second game of the season. Kathryn Murphy, James Harkins and Kevin Stinson all had great runs with the ball. Showing their defensive work were Brandon Reis and Caitlin Cann. Joseph Stinson and Grace Doyle played defensively and offensively, creating the opportunities for the team to score. Also contributing on and off the field was Ryan Ludford and Marina Spagnolo. Team Spirit worked hard, had fun and together played a great game.

Blasts vs. Comets

The Blasts played an exceptional game against the Comets on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Caitlin Galey, Madelyn Campano and Aaron Berry helped the defense for the Blasts. Brennan Pepe and David each scored goals while Paige Campano, Owen Marr and Nicholas Busti played excellent offense.

Kixx vs. Crusaders


Power vs. Rapids

Power squared off against the Rapids in an exciting second game of the season. Madison Koutrouba was an all around impressive force. Madelyn Hallisey’s persistence, Meg Richardson’s quickness and Matthew Simonich’s nice saves kyed solid defensive play. Andrew Simonich and Bryson Tang awed the spectators as they dribbled the ball up the field. The Power had a commanding offense due in part to Michael Farren’s forceful charges, Michael Dumont’s steals, and Nick Dumont’s determined play. Michael Corrado, Heather Bosworth, Jayne Maranda, and Emily Lawrence scored some of the multiple goals made by half of Power’s players. The whole team played hard and energetically. This is a powerful Power team.

Monica Feinberg played solid defense throughout the game against Power. Sarah David sent some solid kicks down the field for the Rapids. Madison Kraus dribbled the ball valiantly against a tight defensive cluster. Ryan Accomazzo ran to defense positions and dribbled in several goals. Solid skills practice made for some great game action, with a quick block and turn move by Calie Bridges, and a zig-zag dribbling drive by Shalee Callahan. Matthew Cole alertly delivered a last second tap of the ball into the net for a goal. Olivia Sergi moved the ball showing adept determination resulting in a goal. A long, exciting running drive was made by Adam Rubinic, who sped past Power defense. Chris Douglas dashed in for a save and was able to nimbly move the ball in for a goal.

Breakers vs. Bulldogs

Fire vs. Revolution

The Fire played a great high-scoring game against the Revolution last Sunday. Great team work and effort was apparent from all players. Most of the team scored goals including Christian Angelucci, Livvy Willett, and Emily McBride. Leah Hannon showed great passing skills while Julia Marple played relentless offense. Jessica Lutz and Catherine Buckley showed their incredible speed as they brought the ball to the goal. Andrew Carney, Nico Marin, and Nicole Hadley displayed great defensive skills.


Pepperell GU10B vs Lancaster GU10A

The Pepperell GU10B team played at Cominsky Field on a sunny Saturday morning against Lancaster, and played an awesome game both offensively and defensively. Scoring for Pepperell were Samantha Libonate with two goals and Jenni Sheridan and Lauren Kennedy with one each. Meaghan Turcotte scored her first goal of the season when she rocketed the ball into the net on a penalty kick. Macey Lorden and AbbyRae Bradbury each played goalie for a half and both had some fantastic saves. Kate Maranda was very quick to get to the ball playing both offense and defense. Playing a fierce defense were Julia Church, Lauren Foley and Megan Zaloudek. The girls all played a great game this week.

Pepperell GU10C vs Maynard

The Girls U10C team played against Maynard Saturday and kept the pressure on throughout the game. In the first half, Blaire Izbicki scored a goal assisted by Morgan Amiot, and Morgan scored a goal assisted by Holly Reardon. Amy Flournoy showed her skills with a nice steal from the opposing team and a pass. Kayla Delaney, Emily Flavin, and Blaire Izbicki all had shots on goal and were aggressive on offense. Sabrina Pinkerton and Catherine O’Shea provided a strong defense with several great moves. Emma Rist scored the third goal of the game in the second half. Goalkeepers Catherine O’Shea and Blaire Izbicki both had several great saves