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PEPPERELL — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, April 26, and Tuesday, May 2:Nashoba Publishing

Wednesday, April 26

A.M. 5:18, Elm Street, vehicle repossessed; 6:43, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 8:09, Maple Street, arrest on warrant; 8:26, Hollis Street, investigate minor vehicle accident, no injuries; 9:34, Nashua Road, information taken regarding license plate.

P.M. 12:52, Foster Street, locked out of residence; 1:05, South Road, structure fire call, found burning oven; 1:48, South Road, problem reported with ex-spouse; 2:15, no address reported, check issued by unknown means; 3:25, Shattuck Street, call for the ambulance; 4:13, Hotel Place, request for emergency restraining order; 4:47, Maple Street, report 14-year-old pushed 4-year-old off bike; 5:42, Maple Street, report of damage to mailbox; 5:52, Main Street, report of harassing phone calls; 6:31, stop vehicle for traffic violation, found suspended license, charged; 7:13, Hotel Place, serve summons for restraint hearing; 7:59, Jewett Street, serve summons; 8:03, Lowell Street, report of suspicious activity behind braiding company; 8:59, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 10:14, Nashua Road, adult female arrest on two warrants.

Thursday, April 27

A.M. 12:47, Oak Hill Street, report of brush fire; 6:28, Main Street, found property turned in; 7:25, Julia Lane, residential alarm activation; 7:59, Shirley Street, suspicious vehicle; 8:29, Main Street, special needs subject fled on foot by rotary; 10:07, Oak Street, Dunstable, telephone alarm of fire; 10:48, Mill Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 12:27, Groton Street, stop vehicle for traffic violation, found registration revoked; 1:24, Lowell Road, subject report vehicle tailgating; 1:35, Hotel Place, civil standby; 2:25, Ridge Road, fraudulent use of credit card; 4:06, Mill Street, report of teens in paper mill; 4:20, Fox Lane, domestic abuse in progress; 4:48, Nashua Road, report of vehicle screeching tires in Council on Aging parking lot; 6:39, Railroad Street, serve summons; 9:42, River Road, arrest, minor in possession of Class A and B substances, possibly Class D.

Friday, April 28

A.M. 1:12, River Road, report of loud television; 8:15, Hollis Street, investigate complaint, house full of smoke; 8:36, Cross Street, jogger in distress; 9:56, Park Street, request fire department check burn pile; 10:08, Main Street, missing license plate reported; 11:05, South Road, unwanted party at house, past assault issue; 11:34, Tarbell Street, request to check house; 11:51, Lowell Road, serve trespass letter.

Saturday, April 29

A.M. 2:35, Brookline Street, report of disturbance in house; 2:59, Mill Street, arrest for operating vehicle under influence; 3:18, High Street, Dunstable, brush fire; 3:38, Hollis Street, report of suspicious activity in area; 3:43, Hollis Street, mutual aid to Groton police at high school; 6:09, Lomar Park Drive, water department call-out; 8:13, Lomar Park Drive, burglar alarm activation; 9:35, Main Street, Cumberland Farms reports alarm at Main Street Pizza; 9:55, North Street, request officer speak with three hunters; 10:36, Hollis Street, report of breaking and entering; 11:50, Hollis Street, investigate 911 hang-up.

P.M. 1:21, Oakland Road, residential alarm activation; 3:37, Chace Avenue, report of suspicious person in area; 4:06, Mill Street, welfare check requested; 4:09, Cottage Street, 16-year-old female refusing to leave with mother; 4:56, Main Street, animal control called; 6:16, South Road, serve restraining order; 8:55, Hollis Street, motor vehicle complaint lodged; 9:04, Oak Hill Street, investigate 911 hang-up.

Sunday, April 30

A.M. 12:57, River Road, noise complaint; 10:38, Groton Street, serve summons; 10:48, Province Street, serve summons; 11:00, Nova Drive, attempt to serve summons; 11:13, Province Street, serve two summons.

P.M. 1:11, Parkwood Drive, report daughter entered through window and took items; 1:30, Laurel Crest Drive, Brookline, N.H., mutual aid station coverage for brush fire; 2:54, Main Street, disabled vehicle; 6:05, Main Street, lost cellular phone turned in; 6:35, Merrimac Drive, investigate 911 call, misdial; 10:04, Shawnee Road, neighbor complaint about refrigerator; 10:38, Cottage Street, loud music complaint; 10:44, South Road, disabled vehicle cause by striking tree.

Monday, May 1

A.M. 4:51, Main Street, life line activation; 7:32, Parkwood Drive, vehicle repossession; 10:01, Maple Street, request for ambulance; 11:22, Oak Hill Street, request for welfare check; 11:43, Townsend Street, report mosquito magnet stolen from yard; 11:46, Brookline Street, attempt to serve summons; 11:47, Brookline Street, serve summons.

P.M. Chestnut Street, larceny of funds, EBay transaction; 12:35, Sartelle Street, request for the ambulance; 3:00, Lowell Road, request for officer, civil issue; 3:02, Railroad Street, attempt to serve summons; 3:07, Brookline Street, attempt to serve summons; 3:50, Main Street, serve trespass notice; 4:20, South Road, serve restraint order; 4:49, Brookline Street, attempt to serve summons, no contact, faxed to Nashua, N.H.; 5:27, Nashua Road, mail scam reported, Canadian lottery-type; 5:29, Main Street, request for the ambulance; 7:22, South and Proctor roads, report of motor vehicle accident; 8:01, Spaulding Street, Townsend, mutual ambulance aid; 8;47, Hadley Road, investigate silent 911 call; 8:49, Nashua Road, stop vehicle for traffic violation, found operating without license, suspended in New Hampshire; 8:59, Railroad Street, serve summons.

Tuesday, May 2

A.M. 7:42, Lowell Road, investigate minor vehicular accident; 8:15, no address reported, trespass, subject living in tent on property.

P.M. 12:24, North Middlesex Regional High School, subject left school smelling of alcohol; 4:28, River Road, request for the ambulance; 7:03, Chestnut Street, request stand-by for retrieval of property; 9:10, Main Street, arrest on warrant; 9:25, Lowell Road, advice rendered; 9:57, Pine Street, arrest on warrant.


Wednesday, April 26: Robert J. Lohnes, 43, 18 Maple Street, on warrant; Cheryl-Ann Voight, 33, 35 Royal Crest Drive, Nashua, N.H., on two warrants.

Thursday, April 27: Jeffrey D. Fallier, 19, 48 Stonegate Road, Chelmsford, minor transporting liquor, illegal possession of Class D substance, open bottle bylaw violation; Adam W. Nelson, 21, 150 Tynsgboro Road, North Chelmsford, minor transporting liquor, illegal possession of Class D substance, speeding.

Saturday, April 29: Joseph R. Preziosi, 18, 30 Groton Street, negligent operation of vehicle, failure to stay in right lane, failure to stop for police, operating vehicle under influence of liquor, stop sign violation, speeding, junior operator violation, seat belt violation.

Tuesday, May 2: Kevin P. Coakley, 40, 27 Pine Street, on warrant; Nicole D. Ignazzi, 23, 1 Pleasant Street, two warrants.

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