AYER — As part of a comprehensive Aquatic Management Program being implemented for the town’s waterbodies, Flannagan’s — or Fletcher’s — Pond will be chemically treated with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection-registered aquatic herbicides and algaecides. The goal is to control aquatic vegetation and algae that are causing a nuisance.

The initial treatment of Flannagan’s Pond will be conducted on Tuesday, May 16, weather permitting. If heavy rains are predicted for that day or there is excessive water inflow/outflow to the pond, the treatment be done on Friday, May 19.

The pond will be closed for all water uses including boating, fishing and swimming on the day of the treatment. In addition, water from the pond cannot be used for irrigation — watering lawns, shrubs, gardens or plants — for a period of 90 days beginning on this day. Applicable water use restrictions will be posted with signs at the time of application.

The town is already in the process of lowering the Pond by approximately nine inches, under the supervision of and per the Fire Department’s East Main Street Spillway Guidelines, to provide additional storage for the treatment. The pond will be allowed to refill beginning on the day of the initial treatment.

Following the initial treatment, it is anticipated that one or two additional follow-up treatments will be required over a period of 45 to 60 days. A notice of these follow-up treatments and any additional water-use restrictions will be made via the town’s cable access channel and subsequent postings on the pond’s shoreline immediately prior to each treatment.

The project is being performed for the town under an approved Order of Conditions issued by the Ayer Conservation Commission and a license issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Treatments are being performed by the state-licensed firm Aquatic Control Technology Inc., of Sutton, Mass.

For information call the Conservation Commission at (978) 772-8218.