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Letter to Harvard’s Board of Selectman:

There are examples throughout all levels of government that suggest poor planning gets poor results. At the April 3 meeting of the Board of Selectmen, the members defeated a proposal to develop a process that may or may not provide the voters with information regarding the Devens issue. The fact that the voters haven’t got a clue about the facts is clear by the vote at the annual town meeting and ballot; the letters to the editor; the fact that the chairman of the Board of Selectmen feels comfortable insulting voters attending their meetings; and that the board is abandoning its fiduciary responsibility for keeping the voters informed.

We, the voters, need to have accurate information as we make a decision that may or may not affect us at the moment. What our vote will actually do is impact the future of Harvard; an awesome responsibility.

Some of the things that we need to know prior to our final vote:Nashoba Publishing

1. A map that clearly depicts, by roads, etc., what is to be decided upon by Harvard, Ayer and Shirley. We need to know what we are talking about!

2. How can you develop an independent community with only 99 residents/voters?

3. What is it that MassDevelopment is not telling us about what they want?

4. If we assume control of Harvard land:Nashoba Publishing

How will we deal with fire, safety, assessment, defining appropriate taxation, etc.?

If we don’t assume responsibility, how do 99 citizens handle all the responsibility of running a town?

How will we deal with the liquor licenses held by the restaurants within Harvard’s area? (note: we are having a hard time dealing with Fruitlands serving a glass of wine at special events.)

What is the issue regarding the “aquifer?”

Who will plow, maintain and develop roads? We will need access roads. Do we reopen the roads off Depot Road and Old Mill Road?

What will MassDevelopment expect of us?

How will the schooling issue be resolved?

What is left when Harvard, Ayer and Shirley take their land back?

And the list goes on …

Where is the Board of Selectmen on this issue? Do they want the voters of Harvard to make the decision on inadequate data? Not a good idea for the future of Harvard …



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