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AYER — Good books are sometimes hard to find, and quality children’s books are often rarer and can be expensive.

This is not the case at Page Hilltop School. During the week of April 24, the school’s Cultural Arts Room was transformed into a veritable bookstore with selections to entice any reader. There were Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Barbie, Disney and I Spy books, just to name a few.

Each classroom throughout the school had a time block set aside so students could peruse the stacks and purchase anything that caught their fancy.

“I really want a duck book,” said prekindergartner Matthew Blood. Sure enough, in his hands he had Lauren Thompson’s “Little Quack’s Bedtime.”

“The books they sent us are really good quality, and there seems to be a big enough variety that all of the kids are happy,” said Book Fair Coordinator Sarah Gibbons. “They also sent a selection of school supplies that have been very popular with the kids as well.”

An added benefit of the Scholastic Book Fair was that one of Scholastic’s stars paid a visit to the preschool classrooms.

On April 27, a large furry red dog named Clifford bounded down the corridors, much to the delight of his three-, four- and five-year-old fans. Clifford spent some time in each of the classrooms, giving high fives and receiving lots of hugs.

The book fair was also open on Friday night, which gave parents a chance to take advantage of the opportunity to get great quality books at bargain prices.

To sweeten the deal even more, Scholastic instituted a buy one book, get one book free initiative. At their regular prices, the books were a good deal, but to get twice as much will provide that much more reading and learning enjoyment.

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