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AYER — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, April 27, and Wednesday, May 3:Nashoba Publishing

Thursday, April 27

A.M. 7:57, Fire Department responded to a box alarm, sending an engine and ladder to elderly housing on Pond Street. Incident caused by burnt food; 8:36, West Main Street, traffic citation; 8:55, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 9:03, Park Street, traffic citation; 9:18, same; 9:45, ambulance to Pond Street; 10:00, Douglas Circle, general services; 10:22, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley.

P.M. 12:01, West Main Street, vehicle accident; 1:05, Myrick Street, suspicious activity; 2:27, ambulance to Apple Valley; 6:11, West Main Street, traffic citation; 7:40 ambulance to Nashua Street.

Friday, April 28

A.M. 2:09, Barnum Road, traffic citation; 3:08, Westford Road, suspicious activity at the Horn Packaging Corporation; 8:05, ambulance to Shirley Street; 8:50, Park Street, assisted citizen; 9:12, ambulance to Littleton Road; 10:35, Gardener Lane, animal complaint.

P.M. 1:46, ambulance to Groton Street; 2:26, Grove Street, general services; 5:39, Washington Street, vehicle accident; 5:55, ambulance to Ayer High School; 6:27, ambulance to Harvard Road; 6:41, Pearl Street, animal complaint; 10:36, Fitchburg Road, assisted citizen at Hannaford; 11:41, Hatch Street, traffic citation.

Saturday, April 29

A.M. 12:22, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 12:39, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 3:30, ambulance to Vernon Street; 6:13, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 6:37, same; 7:57, Park Street, assisted citizen at Exxon station; 9:14, Church Street, served paperwork; 9:15, Groton School Road, traffic citation; 9:24, Fletcher Street, attempted to serve paperwork; 9:31, Willard Street, attempted to serve paperwork.

Sunday, April 30

A.M. 12:46, ambulance to Bligh Street; 1:33, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 1:40, Norwood Avenue, noise complaint; 1:59, Washington Street, suspicious activity at the school complex; 2:37, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 3:13, Pleasant Street, noise complaint; 5:57, Washington Street, general services; 11:02, Forest Street, burglar alarm; 11:22, Washington Street, burglar alarm; 11:35, Washington Street, burglar alarm at Ayer Middle School; 11:41, ambulance to East Main Street; 11:44, Wagon Road, noise compliant.

P.M. 12:56, Westford Road, all terrain vehicle reported stolen; 12:59, Sandy Pond Road, assisted citizen; 2:03, Groton Street, suspicious activity at Rail Trail; 2:13, Park Street, assisted citizen at the police station; 2:15, Atherton Street, assisted citizen; 2:27, Harvard Road, animal complaint; 4:01, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 4:03, East Main Street, annoying phone calls; 5:16, East Main Street, traffic stop ending in an OUI arrest; 5:46, Park Street, traffic citation, 7:53, Washington Street, assisted citizen; 8:52, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 9:41, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 10:17, East Main Street, traffic citation.

Monday, May 1

A.M. 5:32, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity at David Ross Associates; 7:05, ambulance to East Main Street.

P.M. 2:49, Fitchburg Road, vehicle accident; 3:22, West Main Street, assisted citizen; 3:37, Fitchburg Road, $1,000 stolen from Advanced Vacuum Systems, matter is under investigation but no signs of breaking and entering; 5:11, Old Groton Road, larceny reported. $100 reported missing from Doctor’s office; 7:27, Westford Road, burglar alarm at the Shanklin Corporation; 11:01, Old Groton Road, disturbance at Nashoba Valley Medical Center.

Tuesday, May 2

A.M. 12:16, Littleton Road, suspicious activity at the Mango Grill; 2:34, Littleton Road, general services; 7:17, New England Way, annoying phone calls at Vitasoy;

P.M. 1:33, Groton Harvard Road, served paperwork; 2:11, traffic complaint at Ayer Motor Inn; 2:39, Park and Main streets, police and fire departments responded to a vehicle accident, 4:06, East Main Street, assisted citizen; 5:23, ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 6:50 Fire Department responded to a silent still alarm, sending an engine to Littleton Road for a carbon monoxide detector activation; 11:30 ambulance to East Main Street; 11:17, ambulance as mutual aid to Devens.

Wednesday, May 3

A.M. 12:43, West Main Street, general services; 1:52, Harvard Road, suspicious activity at Mr. Mike’s Citgo; 8:09, Nashua Street, vehicle accident; 8:14, East Main Street, family disturbance; 8:18, ambulance to Groton School Road; 10:17, Willow Road, breaking and entering attempt reported at K & W Tire. Scene showed evidence of attempts to force a garage door ; 10:39, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 11:49, Snake Hill Road, building insulation stolen from a building site.

P.M. 2:20, Pleasant Street, parking complaint; 2:30, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 7:54, Isaacs Lane, arrest at family disturbance call. Young man reportedly cut himself after a fight with his girlfriend. After refusing a ambulance ride, he got upset and caused a disturbance. After his arrest, he allegedly made threats to officers. When taken to the hospital later, he allegedly exposed himself to the nursing staff; 7:55, ambulance to Isaacs Lane; 8:37, Park Street, burglar alarm at Le Nails; 9:23, Central Avenue, suspicious activity at the Nashoba Valley Fitness Center;10:34, ambulance to Ayer Police Station.


Sunday, April 30: Patrick Decesare, 42, of Shirley. Charged with OUT liquor (second offense), failure to stay within marked lanes, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and having an open container in a motor vehicle.

Wednesday, May 3: Lawrence Druziako, 20, of Groton. Charged with two counts disorderly conduct, two counts disturbing the peace, two counts of vandalizing property, indecent exposure, threatening to commit arson, and threatening to commit murder.

The Fire Department also had one public assist and four auto lockout calls.

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