AYER — On May Day 2006, the weather was picture-perfect as the Ayer Middle School student body gathered in the auditorium to celebrate the April Students of the Month.

AMS Principal Lyn Lawrence acted as the master of ceremonies and explained to the children why this honor is so important. Lawrence spoke of the determination and extreme effort that has been shown by the individuals she was about to name.

Each grade’s team of teachers got together and nominated students for this award. The winners get a certificate, a pin that entitles them to go to the front of the lunch line — a big perk on pizza day — and they get to pick a prize out of the “little something” box held by Assistant Principal Jamie Lamoreaux.

The fifth grade educators decided upon Danielle Casey, Kristina Ladd and Nick Gutheil for Students of the Month. Casey is noted “for being a constant hard worker.”

Art teacher Michael Seguin wrote, “Danielle takes her time, follows the rules and has a good eye for art.”

Ladd’s teachers say that she “is always prepared for class and puts forth 110 percent effort.”

Fifth grade teachers Julie Tobin and Lisa Odom wrote that Nick Gutheil is “a happy-go-lucky student who possesses a positive attitude at all times.”

In the sixth grade, Jane Weinstock and Fortuna Fasulo received the honor. The enhancement team of teachers recognized Weinstock for her academic excellence in technology.

Fasulo was picked due to her “hard work and diligence.” Her teachers say, “not only is Fortuna a polite and respectful young lady, but she always demands the best from herself and puts forth 100 percent effort into all that she does.”

The seventh grade teachers nominated three worthy students — Amanda Shaughnessy, Ariel Vaz Ferrier, and Nora Conuel. The enhancement team wanted to give Amanda Shaughnessy this award due to her “hard work and positive attitude.”

Teachers noted that this next recipient, Ariel Vaz Ferrier is “well-liked by both peers and staff.” They say “he has impressed all of us this year with his willingness to take risks and persevere even when tasks were difficult.” Conuel, who is “a friend to all other students, has been working very hard on her math and reading skills.”

Last, but not least, the eighth grade team bestowed Student of the Month honors onto Masha Tsapenko and Cathy Comerford.

The enhancement team acknowledged that Masha “gave a consistent performance through the wellness rotation.” They also said “her positive attitude helped her to become a leader of the class.” The eighth grade teachers created an “Ode of a Student of the Month” to recognize the last award recipient.

“Oh, one of superior grades, who does as she is told. Honor roll she has made; basketball bold. Always a joy. Hardworking to the end. Never coy. A positive moral message she doth sends. A better young mind, one cannot find.”

The student they were describing in that poetic tribute is Cathy Comerford.

Congratulations April’s Students of the Month.