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TOWNSEND — The Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, April 3, and Sunday, April 9:

Monday, April 3

A.M. 1:40, Main Street West, suspicious activity, suspicious vehicle seen at a business; 8:23, Warren Road, motor vehicle complaint; 8:40, Depot Street Extension, ambulance call; 11:27, Fitchburg Road, assist other agency, assisting looking for person for warrant of aprehension.

P.M. 12:20, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 12:24, Lunenburg Road, fire alarm; 12:35, Vinton Pond Road, animal complaint, report of ead animals in the water; 1:30, Edward Road, abandoned motor vehicle; 2:45, South Street, officer wanted, request for officer during termination of employee; 3:35, Squannacook Terrace, officer wanted, verbal arguement; 4:09, South Street, fire alarm; 7:55, Ash Street, house alarm; 8:47, Tyler Road, fire alarm.

Tuesday, April 4

A.M. 1:09, Shirley Police, Spaulding Road, assist other agency, suspicious operator over the line on Shirley Road; 2:08, Main Street, burglar alarm; 2:10, Madison Avenue, assist other agency, assist Shirley Police in locating a vehicle; 9:43, Dudley Road, ambulance call; 10:03, Blood Road, lost and found, ID found at Dunkin Donuts; 10:47, Fitchburg Road, assist other agency, assist is searching for a party for a warrant of aprehension; 10:59, Turnpike Road, officer wanted, report of person yelling on the side of the road; 11:08, Fitchburg Road, arrest.

P.M. 2:02, Proctor Road, motor vehicle complaint; 2:59, Spaulding Street, officer wanted, false 911 call; 3:49, Main Street East, motor vehicle accident, no injury.

Wednesday, April 5

P.M. 1:55, Edward Road, fire alarm; 3:03, Route 13 North, arrest; 5:40, Barker Hill Road, fire alarm.

Thursday, April 6

A.M. 8:14, Main Street West, assist citizen, court removal of property for a residence; 8:23, Main Street West, officer wanted, false 911 call; 11:24, Cedar Circle, motor vehicle lockout.

P.M. 1:32, Reagan Road, motor vehicle lockout; 1:58, Eastman Street, motor vehicle complaint, possible operator under the influence; 4:35, Brookline Road, suspicious activity, party requestes speaking to an officer; 5:46, Shirley Police Department, assist other agency, complaint of vehicle on Spaudling Road; 8:49, Dudley Road, suspicious activity, report of youths with possible paint balls; 10:49, Edward Road, fire alarm.

Friday, April 7

A.M. 1:40, Main Street West, break and enter, check of buildings, no breaking and entering; 8:56, Brookline Street, officer wanted, request with person being evicted; 10:32, Route 13 North, suspicious activity, report of person climbing in window, party lived at residence.

P.M. 3:28, Willow drive, ambulance call; 4:15, Dudley Road, ambulance call; 5:01, Brookline Street, neighbor/tenant, civil matter; 5:40, Dudley Road, assist other agency, assist Ashby Police with back up for transport; 5:54, North End Road, animal complaint, dead racoon; 8:17, Harbor Mall, suspicious activity, report of two males behind building, foot chase ensued, no aprehension, parties disappeared into woods;10:18, Center Street, domestic/family, verbal arguement; 11:11, Old Battery Road, suspicious activity, suspicious vehicle traveling slowly up and down the street.

Saturday, April 8

A.M. 7:37, Spaulding Street, vandalism, spray pain on vehicle; 7:53, Elm Street Center, vandalism, soda machine tipped over; 9:55, Highland Street, vandalism, mail box vandalism; 10:31, Whitcomb Street, burglar alarm.

P.M. 3:42, Route 13 South, motor vehicle complaint, erratic operator; 10:33, Scales Lane, suspicious activity, vehicle parked at business; 11:42, Old Turnpike Road, noise complaint, yelling coming from apartment.

Sunday, April 9

A.M. 12:10, Main Street East, vandalism, vehicle damaged at a business; 12:37, Main Street East, suspicious activity, motor vehicle appearing suspicious; 2:06, Ashby Police, assist other agency, request for cover during transport; 11:46, Terrace Way, animal complaint, barking dog.

P.M. 12:42, Route 119 Center, arrest; 12:56, Todd Drive, vandalism, vandalism to property; 6:37, Main Street East, suspicious activity, report of young girls hanging out at a store; 7:45, New Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity vehicle on power lines, stuck in the mud; 8:55, Ponderosa Drive, house alarm; 11:00, Brookline Road, harassment, request to speak to an officer.

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