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Thieves target high-end vehicles, residents cautioned


HARVARD — About $1,000 worth of marketable parts were stolen from a luxury vehicle parked in a Shaker Road resident’s driveway.

It was a slick job by thieves who targeted that particular vehicle, according to Officer William Castro. He warned residents to be on the lookout.

The thieves disabled the vehicle’s alarm system and blacked out the headlights with spray paint so that they would not flash a warning. The resident reported hearing a brief sound that was likely the alarm sounding during the night, but thought nothing of it, Castro said. Hearing nothing else, she went back to sleep.

On April 3, the owner discovered that the vehicle had been broken into and called the police. People should be aware that this was likely not an isolated incident, Castro said. Nor was it random. He explained how professional thieves, often working from a pricey parts list, will cruise specific areas and affluent communities for high-end makes and models, including foreign cars, and map out places to hit later.

Given that these thieves accomplished the job in short order, even though the vehicle was locked, had an alarm and was parked in a driveway where people were home, it seems that preventing this kind of theft is no simple matter. Asked what added precautions people could take, he suggested securing the vehicle in a locked garage.

The case is under investigation.

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