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I first met Carolyn McCreary in 2000 when I learned of her efforts to initiate a new task force called “Economic Justice.” We soon discovered we were nearly neighbors, and we began talking about the environmental concerns of PACE.

”Would you like to be involved in our current project of trying to save the town’s critical drinking water aquifer from a huge auto-unloading facility proposed by Guilford Rail?” I remember asking hopefully. I was thrilled with her reply: “Yes, I’ve been concerned and would like to get involved.”

And so, Carolyn’s work began. In a short time she grew to know the myriad technical details about Guilford’s 130-acre proposal and our efforts to save the Spectacle Pond aquifer better than I. Carolyn took over the battle with Guilford with firm conviction. When others were worn down by the months of legal battles (myself included), Carolyn became president of PACE and continued strategic moves to make the Ford Motor Company aware of the environmental impact of placing their Ford cars on top of the primary water recharge area for Ayer’s town wells. Ford got smart and pulled out of the deal with Guilford — and so, six years later, the aquifer remains clear of any development, which I believe is due to Carolyn’s persistence.

I know, first hand, that Carolyn cares deeply about Ayer. She cares about clean drinking water, protecting open space and recreation areas and balancing development with smart growth. She gets the ‘big picture’ by thinking ahead, way ahead, especially with the critical decision regarding the Devens Disposition, which ties in with her work as chairman of the Ayer Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee.

In addition, because Carolyn has grown children and grandchildren, and is a former educator herself, she knows how important it is to support our schools and work to provide high-quality education for our kids. Carolyn comes to us with years of experience and involvement in our town.

And for this, I ask that you join me in voting for Carolyn McCreary for the Ayer Board of Selectmen on Monday, April 24, at the Page-Hilltop Elementary School!




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