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During my years in Townsend I have seen many candidates place signs in yards as a way of campaigning. This year especially I have worked with Dan Murphy, the incumbent selectman, on his campaign. I have known Dan for many years and have always known him to be an honest man.

There are certain steps you go about when finding spots for your signs. First and foremost you get permission from the landowner to place your particular sign on their land. After this step you get your signs ready and drive around, placing them on residents’ land. By doing this you not only get your name out there, but you also show that you have the support of the residents.

Unfortunately over the years, politics in Townsend has become cutthroat. While Dan has refrained from falling into this trend, it has not stopped the trend from coming to him. Over this past weekend a number of Dan’s signs were stolen from supporters’ houses. These people are not only attacking Dan but they are also attacking his supporters. Calls are being made daily to Dan and his campaign committee asking for signs to be placed in their yards. With the recent thefts Dan has had to turn down some supporters due to lack of signs.

I believe that anyone running for office should be able to to rely on their own knowledge and merits to get them elected. Not only is taking another candidates’ signs wrong and childish, it is also a punishable crime. We are unaware of who took the signs, who is involved or where the signs were thrown, but we are very aware that, signs or no signs, Dan’s supporters will be out April 24 voting for him. I hope that in future elections things can be done differently and without such dirty tactics.




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