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SHIRLEY — The School Committee has approved changes in the fiscal year 2007 working budget resulting in a $103,683 increase.

The budget, presented by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Scott, has risen from the proposed $8,210,077 budget to $8,313,760.

The budget has not yet been finalized, but the results of last week’s committee meeting call for the addition of a part-time special education director. The position had not been included in the budget since the resignation of Special Education Director Thomas Walsh in 2004.

Further, the committee denied Scott’s request for a $5,000 salary increase for the school’s technology administrator. Instead, it voted in favor of a 3 percent raise for the position, which is shared between the town and the schools.

”I don’t think ( $5,000 raise) would be equitable for us to make that kind of arbitrary decision,” member Robert Schuler said. “At least not this year.”

”That sort of thing has to happen across the board,” he said.

The current technology administrator has been with the school district for eight years, and in that time, has become a certified network administrator, Scott pointed out.

The current salary is grossly under the standard salary for this type of position, Scott said.

”I understand that,” Schuler said. He motioned to modify the technology administrator position’s salary to last year’s number, plus 3 percent. The difference represents a $4,200 decrease under the technology line in the proposed school budget.

A seventh and eighth grade Spanish teacher was also ruled out by the committee, at least for the time being.

”I think, depending on how the budget ends up,” Chairman Robert Prescott said, “maybe we can put it back in later.”

Prior to beginning the budget review, the committee met in executive session for approximately 40 minutes to discuss contract negotiations regarding the education of Devens students in the coming school year.

The topic was not discussed after the committee reopened the meeting to the public.