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School Committee members petition for state increase


GROTON — The Board of Selectmen expressed support for an effort by some School Committee members to petition the state to increase spending for public schools.

Karen Lofgren told the board of a resolution supported by the School Committee calling for the state to provide adequate funding to support prekindergarten through grade 12 public education.

“Recognizing that the governor and the legislators have demonstrated a commitment to support public education during the initial years of the passage of the Education Reform Act (ERA) of 1993,” states the resolution, “this financial commitment must continue so as to ensure that every student reaches proficiency performance levels established by state standards and the Adequate Yearly Progress targets embodied within the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.”

Urging state officials to take more proactive measures in supporting more funding for public schools, the resolution makes a number of demands. These include more spending for transportation and special education as well as having a greater portion of lottery earnings earmarked for education.

With the board’s support, Lofgren said a signature drive would be completed and a rally on the issue would be held at the state house.

Also Tuesday, the board:

Awarded certificates of appreciation for volunteers in the town’s Adopt-A-Road program including the First Parish Church, Boy Scout Troop 3, the Conservation Trust, the Groton Women’s Club, the Groton-Pepperell Rotary Club, the Groton Business Association and numerous individual residents.

The Adopt-A-Road program involved individual residents and groups volunteering to clean up designated stretches of roadway in town.

Was presented with the 2005 edition of the Town Report, which includes a gallery of color photos dealing with all of the events surrounding the celebration of the town’s 350th anniversary. The cover features a photo of the 350th anniversary quilt, which will be displayed permanently in the Town Hall.

“I would like to thank the 350th Committee for an outstanding year,” said Dillon.

Present for Tuesday’s presentation were various members of the 350th and Quilt committees.

The board also approved a request by building inspector Michael Tusino to advertise for a replacement to fill the position of the part-time local inspector, which was recently vacated. Tusino defended the need to keep the 28-hour-per-week position filled.

Although there has been a dip in residential construction over the past year, he said commercial development, including such complexes as the new Residential Gardens, was still going strong.

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