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”Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” — Jawaharial Nehru

The Groton Water Department held their public hearing on Tuesday Night (April 11) and the attendance of the public was up approximately 400 percent.

Thank you all very much for attending. One of the commissioners remarked that he was not used to so many people at their meeting. This is the beginning of a new era for the Groton Water Department.

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors behind the blackboard at the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District Committee.

First, there is the final outcome of the “Casella judgment.” Then there is the extra $986,000 missing from the state reimbursement for the “no name” middle school.

I cannot understand why anyone from the school committee has not demanded the actual formula used for any reimbursement. It is the people’s right to know.

At the recent selectmen’s meeting I watched our people from Beacon Hill go through the good guy/bad guy routine.

Is this an exercise in futility? Perhaps.

Then there is the transportation cost. What was once the “carrot on the stick” has fallen to the floor of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts and rotted away.

In other words, no one can take the Beacon Hill group’s — predominantly the Democratic leadership’s — word for anything, unless you happen to be in a category where “they” (the Beacon Hill group) could use your vote.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the delay in announcing the amounts to be sent to the various towns and cities.

Perhaps even “they” might be a little queasy with the results.

”The more gross the fraud, the more glibly will it go down and the more greedily will it be swallowed, since folly will always find faith wherever imposters will find impudence.” — Christian Nestell Bovee

The episode began about 10 days ago. I had trouble with a piece of equipment. I will not be any more specific than that to protect the guilty.

This was the beginning of a “chat” with numerous computers.

First I dialed 411. The computer said: What city and state?

I said “Pepperell, Massachusetts.” (Finally made it on the third attempt.)

Then the computer said: Business or residence?

I answered “business.”

The computer then gave me an 800 number.

I knew right then and there I was in for a bunch of C.R.A.P., or Computer Response Answering Service.

After seven days and about 20 calls and responding to seven different computers, finally I had the opportunity to talk with a real live human being. The problem was explained and solved in 45 minutes.

It would have saved us both a lot of trouble and anguish if I had been given the same quick response seven days ago.

Every time I call my doctor, the computer says: (sternly) If this is a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

How the heck would I know? That is why I’m calling the doctor.

Semper Fi

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