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SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between March 31, and Monday, April 10:

Friday, March 31

A.M. 12:11, Church Street, general services; 1:14, Keady Way, radar trailer returned; 8:58, Lawton Road, motor vehicle lockout; 9:23, Catacunemaug Road, larceny of lockbox; 10:00, follow up investigation regarding previous incident; 10:53, Keady Way, general services; 11:57, Harvard Road, welfare check.

P.M. 12:29, Horse Pond Road, attempted to serve summons; 1:07, Fire Department assisted Fitchburg Fire Department, sending an engine as mutual aid to Airport Road; 11:45, Going Road, domestic disturbance; 5:04, Fredonian Street, juveniles reported skateboarding at condominiums; 5:07, Fredonian Street, traffic citation; 7:14, Briarwood Trailer Park, noise complaint; 7:33, Peabody Road, missing person; 7:59, Hazen Road, Fire Department sent to check damage to a fire hydrant; 10:50, Front Street, traffic citation.

Saturday, April 1

A.M. 7:10, Chapel Street, investigated report of possible breaking and entering, nothing found; 9:15, Keady Way, officer wanted for assistance with intoxicated male party; 8:48, Longley Road, domestic disturbance; 10:07, Longley Road, ongoing investigation regarding previous incident; 10:55, Keady Way, party in lobby reporting aggressive driving witnessed on Lancaster Road; 11:58, Keady Way, officer wanted to speak to children about safety belts.

P.M. 12:05, Keady Way, officer wanted; 12:10, Chapel Street, Fire Department investigated permit fire; 12:41, Catherine’s Way, recreational vehicle complaint; 1:39, Great Road, assisted Ayer Police Department; 1:44, ambulance sent to Little Turnpike Road; 2:05, Front Street, mattress in road; 5:37, Lancaster Road, traffic citation; 7:00, Mount Henry Road, caller reported fireworks discharged; 8:25, Great Road, general services; 9:21, ambulance sent to Nehemiah Road.

Sunday, April 2

A.M. 5:46, Harvard Road, motor vehicle lockout; 6:34, Great Road, central station burglar alarm at business; 10:53, motor vehicle incident with injury; 11:47, Keady Way, ongoing investigation.

P.M. 3:03, Hospital Road, brush fire referred to other Fire Department; 3:15, Fredonian Street, sewer alarm; 3:27, Squannacook Road, ambulance sent to Squannacook Road; 5:58, Great Road, assisted Acton Police Department; 6:02, Fire Department sent to Cottage Street; 7:59, Great Road, animal hit by motor vehicle; 10:18, Clark Road, suspicious activity; 11:53, Lancaster Road, central station burglar alarm.

Monday, April 3

A.M. 5:41, Front Street, general services; 6:31, Mount Henry Road, general services.

Monday, April 3

P.M. 4:09, Great Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 4:40, incapacitated person, female party intoxicated; 5:00, School Street, parking complaint; 5:07, Briarwood Trailer Park, general services; 9:20, ambulance sent to Nehemiah Road; 9:47, Pamela Drive, disabled motor vehicle.

Tuesday, April 4

A.M. 12:35, Shaker Road, animal complaint; 12:53, Spaulding Road, motor vehicle found off road.

P.M. 12:23, Keady Way, officer wanted; 2:35, Front Street, loose dog captured by Animal Control Officer; 4:00, Keady Way, firearms identification services rendered; 4:02, Keady Way, firearms identification services rendered; 4:46, Keady Way, firearms identification services rendered; 5:02, Harvard Road, dog in road at Lancaster Road, 5:36, traffic citation; 5:46, Chapel Street, domestic disturbance; 9:09, Leominster Road, disabled motor vehicle; 11:00, Center Road, railroad complaint.

Wednesday, April 5

A.M. 1:41, ambulance sent to Nehemiah Road, 5:40, Fire Department responded to report of fire alarm at Ayer Road; 8:57, Horse Pond Road, dog bite; 9:10, ambulance sent to Bemis Way.

P.M. 2:24, Horse Pond Road, malicious mischief; 4:52, Lancaster Road, traffic citation; 6:58, Front Street, traffic citation; 11:07, Keady Way, party in lobby to speak with officer regarding threatening phone calls.

Thursday, April 6

A.M. 7:10, Keady Way, sex offender registry; 7:55, Main Street, attended training; 8:31, Lancaster Road, motor vehicle accident with injury, requiring jaws of life, Ayer medics transported victim; 9:17, Catacunemaug Road, fingerprints taken in ongoing investigation; 9:31, Catacunemaug Road, assisted other agencies; 9:48, Hamilton Road, assisted other agencies; 10:36, Front Street, traffic citation; 11:46, general service.

P.M. 12:28, abandoned call; 2:26, Burrage Road, vandalism to camper trailer; 3:01, Robbs Hill Road, Great Dane reported lost; 5:45, Townsend Road, suspicious activity; 6:18, Lantern Way, dog reported missing by prior caller found; 8:35, ambulance sent to Great Road; 8:36, Shaker Road, Labrador Retriever reported lost; 11:52, Harvard Road, burglar alarm at residence.

Friday, April 7

A.M. 1:17, Front Street, suspicious person; 5:37, assisted Lunenburg Police Department with motor vehicle accident; 7:25, Clark Road, welfare check; 9:23, Lancaster Road, loose dog; 9:26, Walker Road, caller reported sighting an animal, possibly a wolf or coyote.

P.M. 12:01, Harvard Road, loose dog; 12:40, Keady Way, officer wanted to speak with Acton police officer regarding background investigation; 4:27, Front Street, noise complaint; 5:07, Moore Drive, suspicious person; 5:08, Harvard Road, hang up call originating from pay phone at MCI-Shirley; 6:34, Peabody Road, recreational vehicle complaint; 7:03, Parker Road, chimney fire.

Saturday, April 8

A.M. 12:57, Lancaster Road, suspicious activity; 12:56, Ayer Road, general services; 4:40, Lancaster Road, burglar alarm at business; 5:33, ambulance sent to Benjamin Road; 7:43, Great Road, assisted Acton Police Department; 8:56, Keady Way, general services; 11:16, Fredonian Street, teenagers reported spinning tires; 11:52, Lancaster Road, accidental burglar alarm at Lura A. White school.

P.M. 12:57, Shaker Road, commercial burglar alarm at Phoenix Park business; 4:00, Front Street, vandalism; 4:28, Townsend Road, served paperwork; 5:37, Lancaster Road, traffic citation; 6:18, Parker Road, traffic citation; 6:37, ambulance sent to Oakes Landing; 8:26, Fredonian Street, speeding complaint; 8:38, Little Turnpike Road, fireworks discharged; 9:00, Fredonian Street, domestic disturbance; 11:15, Ayer Road, animal complaint; 11:43, West Main Street, assisted Ayer Police Department.

Sunday, April 9

A.M. 12:24, Harvard Road, suspicious person; 12:57, Harvard Road, suspicious person; 1:43, Great Road, traffic citation; 2:54, Front Street, suspicious persons; 6:07, Catacunemaug Road, unwanted person; 7:07, Great Road, accidental burglar alarm at business; 8:41, Longley Road, general services; 10:43, Benjamin Road, animal complaint.

P.M. 12:17, Keady Way, party in lobby to speak with officer; 3:01, Keady Way, officer wanted; 5:03, Brook Trail Drive, unwanted person; 6:06, Briarwood Trailer Park, investigated smoke at park; 7:09, Brown Road, speeding complaint; 10:48, Bemis Way, suspicious motor vehicle; 11:40, Fredonian Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 11:55, ambulance sent to Front Street, Ayer medics responded.

Monday, April 10

A.M. 1:10, Ayer Road, general services.


Jorge Izau Vieira, 37, of Leominster, operating a motor vehicle without a driver’s license.

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