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PEPPERELL — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, April 5, and Tuesday, April 11:

Wednesday, April 5

A.M. 7:05, Shawnee Road, complaint of outdoor burning; 8:50, Groton Street, investigate reported assault; 9:42, Tucker Street, burning illegal materials; 11:556, Shirley Street, stop vehicle for identification check.

P.M. 1:46, Nashua Road, complaint about tailgating, passing on double solid line called in by cell phone; 4:40, Groton and Mill streets, report of large tree stump in road; 6:04, Main Street, child seat installation and inspection; 6:19, Rail Trail, report of drug activity on trail; 6:21, Lomar Park Drive, report of suspicious appearing male in area; 7:00, Lowell Road, gas leak reported, Keyspan called; 9:17, Parkwood Drive, request for the ambulance.

Thursday, April 6

A.M. 12:24, Maple Street, threats made by landlord; 1:33, Railroad and Lowell streets, report of barking dog; 8:366, Bancroft Street, arrest on warrants; 10:09, Heald Street, locked out of vehicle; 11:17, Maple Street, stop vehicle to check identification; 11:34, Tucker Street, report of telephone soliciting scam.

Friday, April 7

A.M. 12:56, Nashua Road and Brookdale Lane, request for mutual aid; 7:36, Main Street, found cellular phone; 8:17, Nashua Road, report of gas odor; 8:37, Blood Street, found hypodermic needle; 9:08, Hollis Street, commercial alarm activation; 9:12, Mt. Lebanon and Reed streets, request to speak to officer; 9:46, Cross Street, serve summons; 10:44, Palmer Road, investigate past sexual assault.

P.M. 7:25, Cottage Street, arrest on warrant, possession of Class D substance; 7:57, Shirley Street, 911 hang-up, minor argument ensuing on call back; 8:27, Groton Street, report of erratic operation of vehicle; 8:33, Nashua Road, report of pole on fire; 8:37, Leighton Street, request check on intoxicated person; 8:58, Brookline Street, check on occupant welfare; 9:57, River Road, report of harassing phone calls; 10:19, Nashua Road, complaint about erratic operation of vehicle, diabetic problem; 10:19, Lowell Road, wanted subject reported seen at house; 11:35, Lowell Road, possible stolen vehicle reported.

Saturday, April 8

A.M. 12:04, Pine Street, loud music complaint; 6:22, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 10:08, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 11:25, Heald Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 2:11, Prescott Street, abandoned 911 call, became request for ambulance; 6:11, Heald Street, unauthorized burning; 7:07, Nashua Road, past larceny reported; 7:26, Hollis Street, person burning trash in outside furnace; 8:18, Sartelle Street, suspicious of vehicle that pulled into driveway; 8:32, Groton Street, violation of restraining order; 9:37, Oak Hill Street, request to speak to officer; 9:50, Foster Street, request for the ambulance.

Sunday, April 9

A.M. 10:55, Bemis Road, locked out of vehicle.

Monday, April 10

A.M. 7:53, Main and Park streets, stop vehicle for traffic violation, found operating with revoked registration, uninsured vehicle; 8:14, East Street, request for the ambulance; 8:34, South Road, residential alarm activation.

P.M. 12:13, Main Street, scam involving Internet reported; 1:28, Main Street, pas assault reported; 1:49, Mt. Lebanon Street and Birch Hill Road, neighbor dispute; 2:10, Sheffield Street, suspicious activity reported, pornographic pictures found; 2:55, Foster Street, report of bent mirror on scooter; 3:19, South Road, complaint of erratic vehicular operation; 4:06, Lomar Park Drive, check vehicle identification; 5:06, Brookline Street, report of loose horses; 5:42, Main and Carter streets, stop vehicle for traffic violation, expired registration, tow vehicle; 6:37, Harbor Street, possible past breaking and entering reported; 7:15, Main Street, request to speak to officer; 10:45, Tarbell Street, arrest on two warrants, Newburyport and Fitchburg.

Tuesday, April 11

A.M. 1:39, South Road and Townsend Street, request to transport young female; 9:22, Blood Street, residential alarm activation.

P.M. 1:16, Main Street, Dumpster fire; 1:21, Hotel Place, request for the ambulance; 1:29, Main Street, install child seat; 1:53, Lowell Road, attempt to activate warrant; 3:21, Brandon’s Way, residential alarm activation; 5:05, River Road, residential fire alarm activation; 5:12, Chace Avenue, found missing backpack; 5:53, Main Street, found cell phone; 5:56, Maple Street, request to speak to officer; 6:16, Cranberry Street, illegal burning; 6:23, Main Street, report of past larceny from E-Bay; 6:54, Park Street, illegal burning; 7:28, Hollis Street, structure fire reported (Conway Chevrolet Buick); 7:30, Hollis Street, mutual aid called to structure fire; 8:00, Hollis Street, DPW called out to fire scene.


Thursday, April 6: Bruce R. Dolimount, 65, 165 West Bare Hill Road, Harvard, operating vehicle under influence of liquor, possession of open alcoholic beverage container, failure to stay in marked lanes; David M. Taylor, 21, 34 Bancroft Street, on two warrants.

Friday, April 7: Robert J. DiDonato, 45, 6 Tarbell Street, operating vehicle under influence of liquor; Brendyn D. Gagliardi, 18, 13 Forrest Road, Westford, operating vehicle under influence of liquor; Jameson J. Waugh, 21, 16 Cottage Street, illegal possession of Class D substance, warrant.

Sunday, April 9, Steven W. Erickson, 49, 6 Mill Street, operating vehicle under influence of liquor, failure to stay in lanes.

Monday, April 10, Kristy L. O’Connor, 23,, 3009 East 149th Street, Lutz, Fla., two warrants.

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