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Out of gas, out of luck, Boxborough man arrested in Harvard


HARVARD — It was not a lucky day for a Boxborough man arrested after he ran out of gas and had to walk home.

Gary Strine, 35, was not far from home when the pickup truck he was driving ran out of gas on Jacob Gates Road the town line and his residence on Codman Hill Road. He had been driving after his license was suspended, but it was a coincidence and an outstanding warrant that landed him in jail.

Strine was on his way back to get the truck when he was arrested by a Harvard police officer responding to a suspicious motor vehicle report.

The call came from a Jacob Gates Road resident on April 10 around 10 p.m. that a white pickup truck had stopped outside his home, turned out its lights, and someone had gotten out and walked toward Westcott Road, leaving the truck parked on the cul-de-sac. The vehicle was registered to a woman on Codman Hill Road.

While checking the area, the officer spotted a vehicle moving slowly down Westcott Road with two people inside, a man and a woman. A check of that vehicle’s plate number brought up the same name as the one on the truck registration, and the officer stopped the vehicle. Strine’s wife was driving, and he was in the passenger’s seat.

Strine said he had been driving the pickup truck when it ran out of gas, said Officer Scott Hughes, and he had gone home to get his wife. A records check showed Strine had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant, from Framingham, for a failure to appear in court. He was arrested on the warrant, held overnight in Harvard and transported to Clinton District Court the next morning.