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Michael Alfieri is seeking a five-year term on the PB


The election will be held on April 24. Polling will be held at the Page Hilltop School cafeteria 7 a.m. through 8 p.m.

Name: Michael L. Alfieri

Age: 41

Profession: Former certified public accountant (CPA) now employed in the corporate accounting group of a publicly traded international corporation.

Relevant experience: Formerly employed in the building trades both as an electrician’s helper prior to college, then as the corporate controller for a $250 million construction company after leaving public accounting. I also spent five years working for American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT) as the manager in charge of the services segment — the construction, manufacturing and engineering part of the business — in addition to my internal and external financial reporting responsibilities.

Finally, I’ve personally built or renovated no less than four residential properties, three of which required that I obtain Planning Board approval, special permits and variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals and orders of condition from the Conservation Commission.

As such, I’ve gained first-hand experience relative to the responsibilities of the Planning Board in executing its position requirements — from the opposite side of the table — and have become quite familiar with the Ayer’s zoning rules and regulations.

Education: Bachelor’s of science degree in accountancy from Bentley College and a master’s degree in taxation from Bentley College. Currently, I am pursuing a master’s degree in business from Babson College.

Ayer resident since: 1996

1. Why did you decide to run for the Planning Board?

It’s time to give something back to the community. Ayer has been good to myself and my family. I’ve completed the construction of the home my family and I live in, and I am nearly done with the renovations to the second property we own. I have no plans to renovate or build any additional properties in this town, thus I feel I’ve finally achieved a level of independence sufficient to permit me to become an impartial and effective board member.

2. What are the most important issues facing the board and why?

Being able to effectively apply the existing zoning rules and regulations, if you can call that an issue. I believe many persons like to think that the Planning Board has more authority than it really does. It is a rules-based position. If a plan sent before the board meets the zoning regulations, then the submitted plan should be approved. If it doesn’t, then it should not be approved. If the citizens of Ayer simply don’t want certain developments approved, the Planning Board can’t simply deny a conforming plan because it’s unpopular. If residents want to limit growth, then get involved, propose a new regulation limiting annual growth and get it passed. The Planning Board then has a new regulation it can use in its review process.

3. What action, if any, taken by the Planning Board in the last year would you like to have seen decided differently and why?


4. Why do you feel you’re the best candidate for the job?

Please see above.

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