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Name: Maureen Denig

Age: 51

Address: 104 Ash St.

Years as Townsend Resident: 21

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Siena College, Loudonville, New York; Travel School Certificate

Work Experience:

2002-present Owner: Travel Now, Inc.

1994-present Travel Agent

Community Service Experience in Townsend:

President, Townsend Business Association 2005-2006

Board Member, TBA 2004-2005

Chairperson, St. John’s Seniors Christmas Party

Chairperson, St. John’s Bazaar

Project Graduation NMRHS

High School Girls Varsity Soccer Coach – 2005- present

High School Girls JV Soccer Coach- 1998-2004

High School Girls JV Lacrosse Coach – 2004-present

NMRSD School Committee – nine years

TAYSA Board member, President three years, coach

St. John’s Church Religious Education Instructor – 8 years

Member Fin Com 1991-1992

Why are you running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen?

My objective in running for selectman is to be able to make effective changes for Townsend. The job of the selectmen is to develop and implement policy guidelines to be followed by the town agencies serving under it as well as working with all town agencies.

We need to be able to develop our tax base with a well-rounded community — a complimentary mix of business and residential growth. It should be a controlled growth so we maintain the town’s uniqueness.

What actions in the past three years do you believe should have been handled differently by the town and why?

The most recent incident which was poorly-handled was the announcement of a new town counsel. When a board elects to change law firms, common courtesy would dictate that formal written notification be sent to the existing counsel advising them a change was to take place. The existing counsel should also have received specific reasons why their services would no longer be required. The board’s actions were unprofessional, self-serving and highly questionable.

What is the key challenge facing Townsend in the next few years?

The key challenge is financing our budget. How can we improve our tax base without raising taxes to the point we begin to push residents out of town or streamline departments to help reduce costs?

Do you think Townsend needs more revenue to run effectively? Why?

Townsend can always use more revenue. Everyday costs continue to rise and bite into more of each department’s budget. If a budget is level-funded, their purchasing power is reduced by gas and electric costs, salary increases and rising insurance premiums. Are we prepared to survive a disaster, will we have funds to begin a recovery program? Not at this time.

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