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Manager ‘assures continuity’ from remediation to construction


SHIRLEY — A new project manager will be on site at the Orchard Estates development off Lancaster Road, Senior Project Manager Joseph Cataldo announced.

John Franks was assigned to the job to make sure there is good continuity, Cataldo said. He will be working from the trailer at the development and will be available to answer questions should they arise.

At the meeting, James Borrebach, of OHI Engineering Inc., said documents were submitted in March containing the final report for remediation and pre-construction work that was done at the location. OHI Engineering Inc., is the environmental consulting firm hired by GFI-Shirley, LLC, to provide engineering services during the remediation process at the site.

Intensive remediation measures had to be taken by GFI-Shirley, LLC, to remove and replace soil that has been contaminated by years of pesticide use at the site of the former apple orchard. This had to be completed before any construction could begin.

A letter regarding the stabilization of Phase I was sent to GFI-Shirley, LLC, from Matthew Robbins of Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), the licensed site professional secured by GFI-Shirley to work on behalf of the town, Borrebach said.

In the letter, Robbins asked that GFI-Shirley, LLC, address a few areas of concern including bringing open space at the site up to grade.

Stabilization of the open space parcel at the site will be completed shortly, Borrebach said. Wood chips have been spread over the parcel temporarily, until, weather permitting, hydro-seed will take.

No further field work related to remediation is required, Borrebach said.

The letter also contained a recommendation that GFI-Shirley, LLC, provide a visual aid to map the temporary placement of soil taking place during the pre-construction phase.

During remediation, GFI-Shirley, LLC, found that the soil to be placed in containment cells could not be placed in its permanent configuration in the cells because it was too wet. In the meantime, soil has been stockpiled and covered.

The primary concern of the Planning Board and Board of Health was that the stockpiles would get mixed up with soil that had already been permanently placed during pre-construction, Planning Board Chairman Charles Colburn said.

”All of the cells we’ve built contain temporary soil,” Borrebach said.

Cataldo agreed to provide the document.

Other than the map of the temporarily placed soil locations, Borrebach said all of the recommendations contained in the letter had been met as of last week.

Bond money for the work that has been completed was expected to be transferred by this week, according to Cataldo.

It is expected that building Orchard Estates homes in Phase I will begin shortly.

”We’re requesting release of the lots in Phase I,” said Cataldo.