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HARVARD — Though it’s only April, seniors at The Bromfield School are already thinking about graduation, and have secured a location for their commencement ceremony on June 2.

The event is traditionally held at the grounds of Old Bromfield, but that venue is currently a construction site for the new town library. With that in mind, the class secured permission from the Parks and Recreations Commission to use the town common.

The request was written by class secretary Molly Jacobson, who described the selection process as extremely democratic. She said student officers polled their peers informally before holding a class meeting to vote on it.

Though several sites were considered, she said the common was the overwhelming favorite.

”I think some people like the common better than behind Old Bromfield because it’s such a central location to the town,” she said. “We wanted a great-looking location, and I guess that factored into the decision.”

The ceremony will be held on the northern end of the common in front of the church building, said Jacobson.

Bromfield Principal Thomas Hall agreed that aesthetics were a factor in the choice made by students.

”I think that they wanted something really in the center of town,” he said. “They wanted a nice backdrop also. That was one of the attractions of where its been for many years.”

Public safety details with the decision still need to be addressed in a meeting with police Chief Edward Denmark, but Hall said he did not anticipate any problems.

”We have to coordinate with the Police Department about traffic patterns and things like that,” he said. “We’re going to finalize things in the next couple weeks.”

Alternative locations included the Hazel Farm near the Route 2 and a number of playing fields around Bromfield and Harvard Elementary School.

The Fruitlands Museum was also considered, said Jacobson, but it was rejected as potentially impracticable.

”We felt it could cost money, and they may not have the date free,” she said.

Looking ahead, Hall said the traditional commencement site would become a parking lot when the library is complete, but said that didn’t necessarily mean the end of commencement ceremonies at Old Bromfield. He said the ceremony could be held at a different spot on the grounds, but added that the decision would rest with future classes.

”I think we’ll probably leave it to future classes, let them take a look at it and take a vote on it,” he said. “We’ll play it one year at a time at this point.”

Jacobson said her class wanted to set that trend when they made the decision.

”When we were doing this, we wanted to set a precedent,” she said. “I know the next class won’t be required to use the common, but it’s something they can look to.”

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