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Letter To The Editor of the Public Spirit:

Statement of Candidate Support

I am pleased to submit a letter of support for the re-election of Ayer Selectman Faye Morrison.

During my four-year term as town administrator for the town of Ayer, I had the opportunity to work with many elected officials. And as is seen in all communities, many officials in Ayer served in these various roles acting in what they felt was the “best interest of the town,” but some seemed to lack a true understanding of what their role in that position should be. From the earliest days of serving her term as a selectman, Faye Morrison made clear her accurate understanding that the key role of a selectman is: To provide leadership for the community. Leadership involves being able to see the “big picture,” to empower staff to be effective agents of the town, to be open to creative solutions for difficult issues, and to guide the town toward the future. Faye was willing and able to do this. She has shown ability to look at problems for their root cause, to recognize the underlying complications that many others could not see, to take the up-front and visible role, and to make decisions based on fact — even if those decisions were at times unpopular.

The town of Ayer is facing large-scale issues; the outcomes of which will have a major affect on the future of the town. Faye Morrison recognizes this and is prepared to continue in the much-needed role of being a true community LEADER. I encourage voters of the town of Ayer to re-elect Selectman Faye Morrison.

Respectfully submitted,


former Ayer town administrator

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