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Dear editor and residents of Townsend:

My name is Lynsie Murphy and I am writing this letter with great faith in the people of Townsend.

For years I have watched my father campaign and become elected town clerk as well as selectman. Many of you reading this may know my dad. His name is Dan Murphy and while some may look at him as just another elected official, I look at him as the greatest man I have ever known. Through him I have learned honesty, respect, loyalty and a great love for my town.

Unfortunately, as I near the voting age, I am losing my respect and love for this town. As I watch my father give his all to this town and its residents, I give my all to support him. While my father continues to have faith in his town, I wonder why? He has made many accomplishments while in office and would continue to do so given the chance. I see my father working his hardest for the people of Townsend just as clearly as I see others continually trying to make attacks on him.

Though my father has chosen to keep these attacks out of the public eye for years, I feel it is time that the town he gives his all for knows what is happening to a man who had and still has an unfailing sense of love, honor and loyalty towards them and the town we all call home.

The fact that I am 17 and not of voting age has never stopped me from helping contribute to my dad’s campaigns. I may have a small part but helping my dad has always meant the world to me. Every year I put out signs for my dad at houses where his signs are wanted, and still every year my father’s signs get vandalized. As I watch his signs disappear I wonder to myself why others’ signs are left alone? Though my father has a cool head and rarely gets angry, I know that it is hard for him and my family to watch him be disrespected in such a way.

I ask the people committing these crimes, and they are committing crimes, to stop. If you feel my father is doing such a bad job then get out on election day and vote. Now I ask the honest people of Townsend to prove these thieves wrong and don’t let those willing to commit criminal acts be the only ones deciding who runs our town. Please come out April 24 and show your support and please vote for my dad, Daniel J. Murphy.

With hope,