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Name: Daniel J. Murphy

Age: 62

Address: 10 Eastman St.

Years as Townsend resident: I have been a Townsend resident all my life.

Education: Graduated North Middlesex Regional High School in 1962.

Graduated Bentley College in 1972.

Work Experience:

Hartford Insurance as a claim supervisor for eight years developing and directing seven outside people in organizational procedures and legal principles.

Simat, Helliesen & Eichner, Inc., as a controller/treasurer for five years. As a member of top management team developed forecasts for proposed projects, presented financial reports at board of directors monthly meetings.

Granite State Packing, Inc., as a controller. I oversaw the operations of five divisions. I directed 35 people in sales, MIS, and inventory control as well as directing the entire office staff.

Analytical Financial Services, my own business, opened in 1994. I offer accounting services, business consulting, and tax services, etc.

Community Service Experience in Townsend:

Six years on the finance committee.

Seven years as town clerk.

Four years as a selectmen.

Two years as treasurer for the 275th Anniversary Committee.

Past President of the Townsend Business Association.

Why are you running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen?

I am running for reelection as a selectmen because I want to continue helping develop Townsend into a model that all other towns will want to imitate. I believe Townsend can maintain the rural New England heritage while keeping a good balance between residential and commercial growth.

Townsend had an opportunity to accept a light industrial park, which was voted down at town meeting. This was unfortunate, as this would have brought in tax revenue while not adding any burden to our infrastructure. There could have been more public presentations done to address the concerns of residents. This would have given more information to the public to make a decision.

The highway department has not been the recipient of funds for equipment for the last three years. I believe we should have acknowledged the poor shape their equipment is in and made sure that they were able to upgrade the equipment. Our highway department does an excellent job with what they have but sooner or later their equipment will give out entirely. We need to address things like this sooner.

The non-union employees have a pay matrix in place which has not been adhered to by the town. This is a program the town paid $24,000 to develop but we have not had the money to fund it. We need to develop more revenue sources by increasing our business base. Townsend should sell identified town-owned properties which were voted at town meeting. We need to keep our variable costs at a minimum.

What is the key challenge facing Townsend in the next few years?

It’s attracting business to town. The main obstacles to attracting business are Townsend’s distance from major highways and the amount of commercial-zoned land that is available. The permitting process must also be streamlined to help business get up and running quicker. This will help keep the tax rate down while we venture into new projects like a community center, which will serve the needs of many residents. If we do not search out and find more revenue sources in town we will run out of money. This will cause us to regress on services and quality of life rather then progress.

Do you think Townsend needs more revenue to run effectively? Why?

The town does need more revenue but this does not mean revenue will make us run more effectively. Knowledgeable and well-trained employees, good organization and teamwork are how Townsend will run effectively.

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