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GROTON — The Board of Selectmen has considered a presentation by Joshua Webber, of Beaudane Properties, regarding the company’s plan to develop a one-third-of-an-acre lot at 14 Station Ave. immediately adjacent to the Town Hall.

The lot had been included in a larger development plan for Station Avenue submitted by Beaudane earlier in the year, but that failed to win approval.

As submitted at the meeting on April 10, Beaudane’s latest proposal is to construct a building on the lot under one of a trio of options including a duplex, a four-unit condominium complex with one unit reserved as affordable housing or a five-unit complex with two affordable units.

The five-unit scenario would make the lot too crowded, said Webber, and he preferred the four-unit scenario instead.

Each unit would include two floors of living space with one garage/basement level and up to seven parking spaces elsewhere on the property.

Meeting with selectmen on the issue, Webber hoped the project could be developed with the cooperation of the town under the state’s Local Initiative Program (LIP).

Not unfriendly to the proposal, the selectmen decided to take the plan under advisement and see what other town boards have to say about it.

A vote on the issue is expected to take place at the selectmen’s next meeting on April 18.

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