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Volunteers undertake spring cleaning at the Senior Center, freeing up some space


TOWNSEND — Thanks to some hard work and a little Yankee ingenuity, the Townsend Senior Center’s cramped quarters now have a little more elbow room.

Christine Clish, Senior Center director, said two members of the center took matters into their own hands recently and did some rearranging to free up space and make a little more room for guests at the drop-in center.

”Alice Struthers and Nancy Shepherd decided to make it easier to get around in here,” Clish said, “so they started a clean-up and reorganization project, and it has made a difference.”

The current center has 16,000 square feet, which includes two offices, a kitchen and a handicapped-accessible lavatory. The main portion of the room has round tables for gatherings, a long shelf for craft supplies, and a small television area with easy chairs.

”It is one room, so when we have activities like the blood pressure clinic we have to move things around and create a little area for privacy,” Clish said. “With things everywhere, it’s tough to do.”

”Sterilite donated three boxes of large totes, which is 12 totes altogether,” Clish noted, “so (Alice and Nancy) put all craft supplies and puzzles into them and we can now put them under the shelf instead of on top. That opened up the shelf area where seniors can work on jigsaw puzzles and their crafts.”

The Council on Aging has been working toward a new senior center building.

”The space here just isn’t enough anymore,” Clish said. “We have many seniors that come for things like the blood pressure clinic, diabetes testing and flu shots. There is nowhere that they can have privacy, so any space that can be freed up is appreciated.”

During a recent visit to the center, Lincoln and Shirley Call set up a privacy panel while waiting for the blood pressure screening to begin.

”There just isn’t any more room at the inn,” Shirley said. “We really need a bigger place.”

Clish said the tight quarters make it difficult for seniors who require canes and walkers to get around.

”With the work that Alice and Nancy are doing, it is a big help,” Clish noted. “We’re going to be here a while longer, so all the space we can get is wonderful.”

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