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TOWNSEND — The Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, March 27 and Sunday, April 2:

Monday, Mar. 27

A.M. 5:03, Apple Drive, ambulance call.

P.M. 3:22, Virgo Lane, suspicious activity, shell casings found; 6:36, Brookline Road, annoying phone calls; 7:41, Old Turnpike Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury.

Tuesday, Mar. 28

P.M. 1:17, Dudley Road, suspicious activity, harassment call; 4:15, Brookline Road, vandalism, party reported someone jumping on their vehicle and causing damage; 6:05, Main street East, fire alarm; 6:19, Lunenburg Road, house alarm; 7:52, Route 119 East, disabled motor vehicle; 8:30, Highland Street, fire alarm; Route 119 West, suspicious activity, report of resident being chased by four people, nothing found; 9:58, Clement Road, suspicious activity, possible drug activity.

Wednesday, Mar. 29

A.M. 9:05, Route 13 North, motor vehicle complaint, car passing yellow-flashing school bus lights.

P.M. 1:06, Fitchburg Road, fire alarm; 2:06, Depot Street extension, animal complaint, report of parked car with dog inside and windows rolled up; 2:32, Main Street East, motor vehicle lockout; 3:19, West Elm Street, house alarm; 7:01, Haynes Road, suspicious activity, civil restraining order; 7:41, Bayberry Hill Road, house alarm.

Thursday, March 30

A.M. 1:10, Maplewood Drive, suspicious activity, officer initiated, interior lights on in car; 1:13, Harbor Mall, suspicious activity, vehicle with possible drug activity; 3:55, Wallace Hill Road, ambulance call; 9:05, Lunenburg Road, burglar alarm; 10:07, Aquarius Lane, suspicious activity, report of suspicious vehicle in neighborhood, company doing water sample testing; 10:10, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout.

P.M. 12:26, Tyler Road, assist other agency, found purse, turned in, returned to owner; 2:46, Ash Street, fire alarm; 4:39, New Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity, damage report; 7:03, Highland Street, disturbance, relating to arrest; 7:22, Highland street, arrest; 9:23, Pepperell Police Department, assist other agency, request check on person; 9:56, Depot street, suspicious activity, urination in a parking lot; 11:10, Barker Hill Road, fire alarm.

Friday, Mar . 31

A.M. 6:18, Old City Road, suspicious activity, report of party running across a back yard; 6:54, Fitchburg Road, missing person, person reported missing, found; 8:58, Maple Wood, breaking and entering into a motor vehicle.

P.M. 1:16, Brookline Police Department, assist other agency, assisted Brookline Police in looking for a vehicle on Route 13; 2:42, High School, motor vehicle lockout; 6:21, Ash Street, fire alarm; 6:23, Old Turnpike Road, fire alarm; 7:27, Highland Street, arrest; 7:57, Main street East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 8:09, Scales Lane, burglar alarm; 8:41, Bayberry Hill Road, assist citizen, person locked out of their house; 10:46, Warren Road, suspicious activity, person struck with a paint ball.

Saturday, Apr. 1

A.M. 3:11, Brookline Road, vandalism, egg thrown at house; 9:57, Old Turnpike Road, fire alarm.

P.M. 12:10, Fitchburg Road, ambulance call; 3:41, Highland Street, domestic/family; 5:53, Route 13 South, suspicious activity, gas cans recovered; 6:44, South Harbor Road, suspicious activity, report of a Christmas tree falling out of a vehicle; 8:24, West Elm Street, suspicious activity, report of gun shots; 11:08, North End Road, fire alarm.

Sunday, Apr. 2

A.M. 11:12, Kaneohe Court, fire alarm.

P.M. 6:08, Riverbank Terrace, suspicious activity, report of a person on the trestle; 9:28, Dudley Road, ambulance call; 10:50, Walnut Street, ambulance call; 11:04, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity, report of a girl screaming.


Thursday, Mar. 30: Robert A. Mcosker Jr. 41, 108 Highland Street, Townsend, assault and battery.

Friday, Mar. 31: Hector A. Ortiz, 29, 181 Concord Street, Apt. 2, Lowell, Mass. violation of abuse prevention order, assault and battery, wanton destruction of property over $250, larceny over $250.

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