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Townsend Baseball would like to send a special thanks to the Townsend Highway Department for their donation of time and equipment for the Hawthorne Brook baseball field project. Superintendent Ed Kukkula went out of his way to make sure we could use a machine and supplied a top-notch operator, Foreman Keith Letourneau.

Keith took care of both the softball and baseball fields, removing grass, grading and hauling fill. Also, he put up with directions from everyone. His patience and machine-operation ability were instrumental in getting the Hawthorne Brook fields ready for opening day.

I would also like to mention the awesome job they do year-round, from the snow operation to the town’s daily maintenance. I noticed some of the projects they have completed in the past several years such as Dudley Road’s double culvert, Mason Road’s bridge, and a new catch-basin truck built by Keith and his crew.

The town is very fortunate to have quality individuals from the Highway Department taking care of our roads!

Townsend Baseball would also like to thank the coaches and players for their efforts in raking, grading and laying out the new baseball field at Hawthorne Brook.

Coaches: Steve Burud, John Hudlin, Ron Magliozzi and Dave Powell.

Players: Eric Anderson, Timmy French, Jordan and Mitch Hudlin, Brian Kenney, Pat Kilbride, Josh Levesque, Dave Lilly, Justin Maudie, T.J. Pappas and Derrick Wallace.

Their efforts on this project will benefit future Townsend baseball players for years to come.

A hearty thanks to all! Job well done!


Townsend Baseball

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