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I feel the need to respond to the article by Chris Mills on illegal aliens, or “our undocumented brothers” as he refers to those who choose to selectively obey the laws of the United States. The fact of the matter is they are here illegally, a fact which is usually ignored when the politicians from both parties attempt to justify their continued presence on our soil.

I am not against lawful immigration, which is essentially playing by the rules of fairness. I’m against “jumping the line” of citizenship by anyone who totally disregards the rule of law, which governs a civilized society and prevents chaos.

I’d like Mr. Mills to explain to a personal friend of mine, who is a veteran of the United State Marine Corps, who participated in combat in Iraq, and who happens to be a citizen of Ireland, why his application for U.S. citizenship should even be considered in the same universe as a bunch of lawbreakers! Please, spare me the comparisons to Germany in 1935, the “American fatherland,” and the name of God, as you attempt to brand people as racist or heartless because we dare to speak out against the unprecedented invasion by illegal aliens from many countries. Yes, I have a heart, but I also have a brain.

Interestingly, you compared the Berlin Wall to the proposed 700-mile wall between the United States and Mexico. The Berlin Wall was built to keep freedom-seeking Germans in and captive, not out as is the case with people trying to enter the United States illegally along the Mexican border. Liberals are great at revising history!

The negative consequences and costs to the American taxpayer associated with illegal immigration are staggering: Uninsured health care costs, unlicensed and uninsured drivers (try to collect if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with an illegal), prison costs, court costs, and wages in service industries and agriculture are being kept lower because of cheap labor and virtually no taxes being paid. The dirty little secret is that Democratic politicians are selling us out and not taking effective action because they know most of these potential voters will inevitably vote Democratic to support, and eventually expand, the welfare entitlements currently in place. Most Republican politicians don’t complain about the status quo because some business interests they favor profit from an exploited illegal workforce.

The current immigration situation is indicative of what truly ails our society and culture: No one is really held accountable, or accepts personal responsibility for breaking the law. I’ve got at least 11 million examples, Mr. Mills!