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I felt compelled to voice my concern regarding the current issue of illegal immigrants. My family and I were appalled while watching on TV the nationwide demonstrations by illegal aliens carrying the MEXICAN flag — which spoke volumes. What has happened to our country? It has been estimated 12 million illegal aliens have entered our country and growing significantly daily. The devastating impact this has not only on our economy but our institutions of education, social agencies and health care is straining our resources for those of us who pay taxes and are U.S. citizens. Why has this been allowed to continue? This also is a negative reflection on our national security for if our security agencies cannot control our borders it shakes the confidence of the American people — how can they protect us from terrorist attacks? We are in trouble and losing confidence in our representatives of government.

There clearly is no easy answer but I believe it can be resolved. Cutting off aid to illegal immigrants is number one; to raise the hourly wages for agricultural workers — subsidized if necessary by the government allowing American U.S. citizens the job opportunities. If there are no jobs and no financial or health aid to illegal immigrants they will not come. There is no need to build a 700-mile wall to keep them out. It is essential this illegal alien issue be resolved and that serious consideration be given as soon as possible for a bill to be passed making English the primary language.

The outcome of the upcoming elections will have a significant impact on the outcome based on the candidates’ actions to resolve this issue. We are a nation of immigrants whose ancestors came to this country and became U.S. citizens and assimilated into society. It’s time to take a stand.


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