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Shirley Middle School announces third quarter honors


SHIRLEY — The following students were named the Honor Roll and to the Principal’s List at Shirley Middle School for the third quarter. Following the student’s name is their homeroom and homeroom teacher.

5th Grade Honor Roll

Kylaura Bazillion, 532 Paris

Joshua Bedarian, 513 Churchill

Courtney Braman, 513 Churchill

Kimberly Day, 513 Churchill

Andrew Fletcher, 521 Guarino

Ryan Goodman, 521 Guarino

Charles Goss, 521 Guarino

Jennifer Goulart, 513 Churchill

Heather Greene, 532 Paris

Melissa Hampson, 513 Churchill

Trevor Hansen, 513 Churchill

Julie Henderson, 532 Paris

Lyle Hopf, 513 Churchill

Nicole Kelly, 521 Guarino

Allison Lucy, 521 Guarino

Mary Lyon, 513 Churchill

Crystal Maki, 513 Churchill

Brittany Reilly, 532 Paris

Natalie Robinson, 513 Churchill

Jessica Sargent, 521 Guarino

Camille Shack, 521 Guarino

Travis Thompson, 513 Churchill

Antoine Trudel, 532 Paris

5th Grade Principal’s List

Nicole Adams, 521 Guarino

Kayla Dill, 532 Paris

Cameron DiSarcina, 521 Guarino

Lisa Heffernan, 513 Churchill

Anna Peck, 532 Paris

Vishwa Rasania, 532 Paris

Briana Vessey, 532 Paris

6th Grade Honor Roll

Ainsley Carman, 611 DiSalle

Meredith Dilley, 611 DiSalle

Gregory DiRubbo, 622 Lawrence

Timothy Farnsworth, 622 Lawrence

John Gailey III, 611 DiSalle

Cedric Gray, 611 DiSalle

Clinton Haynes II, 644 Lambert

Jessica Hone, 644 Lambert

Nicole Morrell, 633 VanTuyl

Marissa Murphy, 622 Lawrence

Courtney Nelson, 611 DiSalle

Corey Patterson, 622 Lawrence

Delaney Piche, 633 VanTuyl

Ninah Rattanasing, 633 VanTuyl

Jordan Sedor, 633 VanTuyl

Ryan Shaw, 611 DiSalle

Samantha Tedford, 633 VanTuyl

Timothy White, 644 Lambert

6th Grade Principal’s List

Nicholas Day, 611 DiSalle

Robert Graves, 622 Lawrence

Vanessa Hehir, 644 Lambert

Margaret Prescott, 633 VanTuyl

Caitlin Quinones, 622 Lawrence

7th Grade Honor Roll

Ryan Billings, Music

Jonathan Brownell, Tech Ed

Cledia Caberlon, Art

Sarah Engroff, Music

Katie Ferreira, Phys Ed

Sammy Holmes, Phys Ed

Megan Jenkins, Phys Ed

Melinda Lasonde, Music

Sarah Mello, Art

Casey Murphy, Tech Ed

Robert Stiling, Music

David Terry, Phys Ed

Marilou Trudel, Tech Ed

7th Grade Principal’s List

Rebecca Brown, Phys Ed

Angela Langford, Phys Ed

Devon Sedor, Tech Ed

Andrea Zhou, Library

8th Grade Honor Roll

Cassie Huff, Phys Ed

Chelsea Hyde, Music

Kelsey McCallan, Music

Ashley Quatrale, Phys Ed

8th Grade Principal’s List

Anna Melillo, Library

Jessica Peck, Tech Ed

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