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Saturday, March 25

A.M. Mason Street, report of suspicious activity; 4:13, Hollis Street, report of suspicious vehicle in area, possible newspaper delivery; 7:17, Bancroft Street, investigate motor vehicle accident; 10:16, Oak Hill Street, harassing phone calls; 11:11, Hall Street, Dunstable, out of control brush fire next to house.

P.M. 5:57, Pond Street, Dunstable, outside burning after hours; 6:09, Lowell Road, outside burning after hours; 6:29, Pierce Street, lifeline activation, unable to make contact; 9:33, Maple Street, request for the ambulance; 9:57, investigate general disturbance call; 10:10, Townsend Street, traffic violation, expired registration, vehicle towed; 10:26, Main Street, request for the ambulance.

Sunday, March 26

A.M. 6:09, foster Street, request for the ambulance; 7:19, South Road, vehicle off the road; 8:56, Nashua Road, commercial alarm activation; 10:22, Lowell Road, outside burning of leaves and pine needles.

P.M. 12:44, Jersey Street, fire alarm activation; 1:03, Groton and Tarbell streets, locked out of vehicle; 1:17, Leighton Street, welfare check; 2:28, Nashua Road, complaint about vehicle; 3:08, Wheeler Street, complaint about vehicle; 3:15, River Road, noise complaint about neighbors; 3:20, Maple Street, report of gunshots in area; 4:59, Brookdale Lane, 911 hang-up; 5:27, Main Street, lost cell phone turned in; 6:25, Westford Road, Dunstable, mutual aid; 8:54, Nashua Road and Chapman Lane, report of debris in road; 9:00, Brookline Street, stop vehicle for traffic violation, arrest on charges of fourth operating under influence of liquor, open container of alcohol, marked lane violation.

Monday, March 27

A.M. 7:58, Townsend Street, unauthorized burning; 8:26, April Lane, egg shells found in front of house; 8:41, Prescott Street, larceny of plywood; 11:07, River Road, request to speak to officer.

P.M. 1:10, Merrimac Drive, request to speak to officer; 2:09, Brookline Street, juvenile matter, request for an officer; 3:00, Maple Street, problem with neighbor; 3:18, Oakland Road, unauthorized burning, told to put fire out; 4:53, Main Street, serve summons; 4:54, Townsend Street, one-time property retrieval; 8:14, East Street, complaint of road rage; 10:13, Merman Drive, disturbance, property dispute and harassment; 10:21, Tarbell Street, possible elder abuse issue.

Tuesday, March 28

A.M. 4:50, Nashua Road, mutual aid to Nashua, N.H., police; 6:25, Parkwood Drive, attempt to serve warrant; 6:30, Heald Street, report of sick porcupine; 6:34, Foster Street, request for ambulance; 8:57, Hollis Street, fire drill; 9:55, Mt. Lebanon Street, report of brush fire.

P.M. 12:56, Lowell Road, mental health issue, attempt to serve warrant of apprehension; 1:23, NEMLEC call-out; 1:54, Tucker Street, suspicious activity, silver Blazer with subjects inside, Maine plates; 4:18, Main Street, stop vehicle for identification check; 4:43, Main Street, check on possible drunken female; 4:46, Ridge Road, carbon monoxide detector activation; 5:37, Merman Drive, 911 hang-up, misdial; 6:00 Hollis Street, information on past breaking and entering.


Sunday, March 26: James R. Brown, 47, 52 Lowell Rd., operating vehicle under influence of liquor, possession of open alcohol container, failure to stay in marked lanes.

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