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I need to find a good doctor! Are there any out there?

I’m just looking for one that is not run by the drug companies. Hey … try this pill, I have a stock room of pills for any problem, especially if you’re over 50. Is there any doctor you don’t have to wait in line alongside the pharmaceutical reps to check in or out? Is there one out there where you look around the office and you don’t see drug advertisements? What about cholesterol medication?

I’d like to find just one doctor in the area who would not put me on cholesterol medication because my numbers were considered elevated. Why, Eskimos have levels of 400! If you’re over 40 and have an elevated cholesterol level, you’re doomed to start your life on statin drugs. Some doctors have gotten mad at me because I refuse to take this cholesterol drug. I was right about HRT and I feel I’m right about this drug. Why, why, why does this occur when JAMA published that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs save ZERO lives? Also, why is there a lawsuit against one manufacturer, of one common cholesterol pill? The case claims the manufacturer caused the patient(s) to take an expensive drug they did not need! What about the meeting in Australia this week to discuss hyped-up diseases (cholesterol) to boost drug sales. Look these up, it’s all public knowledge!

Oh, don’t get me going on the side effects, they say rare muscle problems may occur … this isn’t so rare, I know several people in my small circle of friends who have had this rare occurrence. What about the memory loss? This is not even mentioned. You don’t hear about that too often, unless you look for it.

Oh, I know I need to exercise more and quit smoking again. I need a good doctor to harp on me about those issues, not about the latest, greatest drug for life. Are there any good doctors out there?