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AYER — I stand before you today not as a white man. I stand before you all here today not as a protestant or a republican. I stand before you today as a peer, an equal. I’m not here before you to push my ideals upon you and say, “this is what you should do” or “do this” and “don’t do that.” I stand before you to express what I feel is correct and just in the world, and then what is wrong.

I do not speak to exercise my larynx or to just hear myself talk. I speak with my soul and I speak to be heard.

I do not think for a grade, for gratitide, for a smile. I think for myself and forge my own opinions about the world that is now drowning in its own fabricated fictitious facts that the common proletariat whole-heartedly believes in. I think to survive, and I have a dream.

I have a dream that the world will one day wake up and really see what life is all about. That we will all realize that history repeats itself and what we can learn from fears, accomplishments, ideas and cultures of our fathers and grandfathers. Imagine what we could learn from the ghosts of Rwanda, Sarajevo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Iwo Jima, Vietnam, Israel, the beaches of Normandy, the 38th parallel, or Gettysberg.

I ask, why can’t we see our faults? Why is it that we cannot see the lessons and teachings of all the lost souls who have perished in vain, all the unknown soldiers who passed for a greater cause more important that their own mortality, all the innocent men and innocent women and children who were caught up in tyrannical fascism or socialism or someone else’s war, all the amputees and veterans who have served, lived, seen, and were spit on by their own people who they thought they were protecting. I ask, why? All I can add is that maybe an eye for an eye really does make us blind. It is why the imaginations of John Lennon and the dreams of Dr. King remain just that, only imaginations and only dreams. I tell you now that we lost those souls because they understood a cause greater than themselves, and we lost them because some people didn’t like to hear the truth about hope.

I have a dream that we, not as a mix of blacks, whites, Japanese, Chinese, etc., that we could come together not as these labels society places on us but as human beings of the same planet, same water, same sun and same moon. We are people, people no matter what color, culture, religion, etc. We are all created equally.

I have a dream that we would come together and bring down the social barriers of the past, to bring down the natural and manmade walls that separate men from their wives, women from their children, and people from their fellow people.

I have a dream that bigotry, racism and hypocrisy may be words found only in the past; words only used in history books to discuss the unparalleled horrors and acts against fellow humans under those labels.

I dream that there will be no more red states or blue states, riots and raids on the basis of religion, or any type of physical or metaphysical label we place on each other. Just as the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said during his “I have a dream” speech, “we need not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.” That’s what it is all about, our character.

I have a dream that we will not wait for the day of dream’s creation, but create this day ourselves. That we, all of us right here, right now, will take hold of our existence and awaken the true strength in all of us to make a difference, to change the future of tomorrow with the choices and actions we make today.

I have a dream that not one day, but today, we will make a difference, make a choice that will not only brighten the lives of those around us, but set off a chain reaction of humanity and acceptance throughout the world, starting right here, right now, in good old Ayer, Massachusetts.

This is what I believe, and it is us that I believe in.

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