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PEPPERELL — There might never be a better chance at winning an $18,000 Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle than the Fire Department’s Hook & Ladder Company Benefit Fund raffle on May 6 and perhaps not a more enjoyable way of benefiting the community, according to the firefighters.

With a limited run of 300 tickets priced at $100 each, the firefighters and Captain James Taplin feel the odds of winning are better than in any casino or the lottery.

The motorcycle will be raffled off at the Chef on Wheels “Spring Fling” at Pine Ridge Country Club on Route 111 in Hollis, N.H., on May 6.

”The Fling is a really good time,” Taplin said. “The raffle profits will go to support local sports teams, Girl and Boy Scouts, and a gift of some sort to the Pepperell Firefighters Association.”

The powerful chopper was purchased from Boston Harley-Davidson. No one would donate a bike, Taplin said, so they had to pay up front.

Last weekend, firefighter Mark Newell was manning a raffle table in front of C&S Pizza. Someone will be there again this Sunday.

”We really want to thank Bill (C&S Pizza owner William Gikas) for his help,” Taplin said. “He’s always there for the community.”

Newell or a fellow firefighter will be selling tickets at the transfer station Saturday. Ticket sales are approaching the break-even point, Taplin said.

Tickets may be purchased from any member of the Hook & Ladder Company, from Taplin at (978) 852-6310, Mrs. T’s at (978) 433-3440, C & S Pizza at (978) 0433-2034, Odds & Ends at (978) 433-0527 or for ticket sales in Boston call Mark at (978) 812-9132. — Don Eriksson

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