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SHIRLEY — The Police Department may be eligible to receive a Department of Justice grant of up to $150,000 to upgrade its current computer system, technology advisor Richard Dill said.

In January, the department was seeking funds to cover the cost of an upgrade under the town’s capital plan as presented to the Finance Committee by police Chief Paul Thibodeau. The request totaled over $80,000.

At that time, Thibodeau said Pamet Systems Inc., the department’s current software provider, is backing out of Massachusetts and will no longer support the service here.

Since then, the Fitchburg has received a grant for computers and technology, Dill told members of the Finance Committee at a meeting held this week. The grant will provide Fitchburg officers with instant communication both in the station and in their police cars through police software company, Information Management Corporation (IMC).

One of the advantages of the IMC system, Thibodeau said, is that police in Shirley, Lunenburg, Leominster, Gardner and part of Ashburnham would have immediate access to each other’s criminal and public files.

The grant Dill applied for on behalf of the town, if accepted, would cover the cost to implement the software and hardware change at the Police Department.

By applying for the grant, Dill said he hopes to keep the cost to Shirley under $40,000.

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