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Christians worldwide observe Holy Week attending many services as they reflect upon the events that occurred over 2,000 years ago when Jesus, the Son of God, obediently gave up his life for all of us so we may have eternal life with His (and our) Father in Heaven. He was born humbly in a cold stable with only his virgin mother Mary, Joseph her devoted spouse, and a few animals present. He grew to manhood being known as the carpenter’s son in Nazareth. At the age of 30 years, he began his first public ministry with the first miracle performed at the wedding in Cana. Jesus chose his disciples and walked the cities and towns speaking of his Father’s kingdom.

His reputation grew as he healed many of the sick. When a nobleman asked him to heal his son, Jesus said, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe. Go, your son is healed.” John 4:48

As his reputation grew, so too did he become a threat to those in charge who began thinking of a way to kill him. Judas, a disillusioned disciple, offered to deliver him into their hands for the price of 30 silver pieces. Thus, he that was without sin was betrayed, captured and suffered immense pain and agony having been beaten, scourged, spat upon, mocked and then forced to carry his cross to the Hill of Golgotha. There Jesus was stripped naked and nailed to the cross, deserted by his followers except his heartbroken mother Mary, John, his beloved disciple and a few women. Can any of us imagine as we view the cross, the sheer agony and torment Jesus suffered just trying to breathe while calling to His Father to ask forgiveness for his crucifiers, and then compassionately giving His mother Mary to John? In reality, He was giving her to all of us.

Humbly He was born, lived and died teaching us obedience, but above all Love!

What more could He have done??? Good Friday, His worst defeat turned into His greatest triumph as He arose Easter morning, a new beginning!!

How often do we remember the sacrifice made that dark day so long ago when the Lamb was slain and live our daily lives showing love, not hate to one another as sisters and brothers in Christ?

Jesus lived some 40 days showing himself to be really alive to his disciples. Then leading them to Mount Olivet, He promises that the Holy Spirit will come upon them, and instructs them to preach the “Good News” to every part of the earth. As he ascended to Heaven, He said, “Lo, I am with you always — even to the end of the world. I leave you a new commandment, Love one another as I love you.” The Paschal Victim, the Lamb, shed His blood to cleanse the scattered sheep thus reopening His Father’s Kingdom for all believes. WHAT MORE COULD HE HAVE DONE??? WHEN WILL WE LISTEN??? FATHER FORGIVE US!!!

May the Holy Spirit flow from heart to heart in love bringing a glorious Easter rainbow in all our lives.

”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16



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