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Business group complains about town’s new Web site


TOWNSEND — Several local business owners took issue with the so-called “business friendly” directory on the town’s new Web site. The complaints were aired during the Townsend Business Association’s (TBA) mid-year meeting on Wednesday, April 5.

Laura Shifrin, of Townsend Center Realty, told the group about the town directory and the free advertising afforded by the Townsend Web site. Shifrin said the new website is not as good as the old site, which had listings of all the businesses in town.

”When you went on the old site, everyone was listed,” Shifrin said, “Now, there are only a few listed, and it is not a friendly site.”

Darlene Sodano, of Sodano Real Estate, voiced concern that only nine TBA members were listed on the site, out of several dozen TBA member businesses, and that some are listed more than once, under different categories.

Cable Advisory Chairman Stephen Cloutier said the new site is superior to the old one, and that the old site often had incomplete or incorrect information about the businesses listed.

”There were businesses listed that no longer existed in town,” Cloutier said. “Some of the information wasn’t complete, and before we went ahead with the new site I personally contacted the TBA members to let them know how the new site would work.”

He also explained that one business may be listed in several places in any phone book, and that the new Web site offers the same courtesy.

”For instance, what category would you list the Settle Shop in? Are they furniture or gifts?” Cloutier asked. “They are both, so they would be listed under both titles.”

Cloutier said he wants local business to advertise on the town Web site. The advertising is free, and once the businesses register they are advertised just as promised, he said.

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