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The Groton Greenway Committee encourages townspeople to support Article 1 at the special town meeting to be held at 8 p.m. on April 24 at the Middle School Performing Arts Center. At no additional cost to the town, this article will protect from development 296 acres of active farmland and woods in Groton that lie within the Nashua River watershed. Keeping this land in fields and woods will increase ground water recharge capacity and water quality. It will expand the naturally-vegetated greenway along the Nashua River, directly linking the state-owned Ayer Pheasant Farm with Groton School, Sabine Woods and Groton Place. It will help protect the integrity of the recently-acquired 10-acre well site surrounded by Surrenden Farm located next to the Nashua River. And, it will help protect the quality of the river’s important tributary, James Brook, and its wildlife habitat as it enters the Nashua River.

More than eight miles out of 13 miles of Nashua River frontage in Groton are protected as greenway. This naturally-vegetated river frontage provides a buffer from pollution; flood storage; wildlife habitat and corridor for wildlife movement; public access to the river for fishing, boating and swimming; trails and trail access for such uses as walking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing; and, for outdoor education.

The Groton Greenway Committee is dedicated to completing the protection of contiguous river frontage on both sides of the Nashua River and the Squannacook River. Acquisition of Surrenden Farm would complete about 75 percent protection of the Nashua River greenway in Groton and greatly enhance Groton’s ability to protect its surface and ground water. At the same time, other towns and cities along the Nashua River and its tributaries are working to protect river frontage and water resources in their communities.



Groton Greenway Committee

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