Will still burn brush but will not pay for $20 burn permit


The town of Townsend has raised its outdoor-burning permit fee, doubling it to $20. This probably doesn’t offend a lot of people in town because money seems to be no problem to them, nor does the principle of fairness. As a matter of fact I shouldn’t be surprised if the town welcomed the doubling of this fee with open arms because support of the fire department empire is always important no matter how juvenile they have acted in the past. I also expect they support the scene of firemen standing out in the road holding up traffic as they do on occasion collecting money. I am wondering if this drastic increase is just another method the selectman are using to keep the fire department pacified so they don’t quit on us again. Oh well, anything and any expense for SAFETY.

I have always tried to keep my property cleaned up and neat but I now have only two choices. i.e. let refuse and brush build up and pose a fire hazard on my property, or do what I think best including burning it. One thing I will NOT do is pay a $20 fee to take responsibility for burning my own refuse on my own property.

I am requesting my name be withheld only because I don’t think revenge is beyond the scope of some so-called public servants.