To the Editor:

At this year’s town meeting, voters rejected the “2B scenario” for Devens by 14 votes. On the following Tuesday at town election, voters endorsed the 2B scenario by 73 votes (with a reported record-high turnout). This seems to me to be a near 50/50 split, somewhere between “inconclusive” and “a wash.” Certainly they can’t be characterized as a “clear mandate” as was suggested in recent public statements by the BOS.

During town meeting, Selectman Randy Dean made the comment that the 2B town meeting and ballot votes were being posed to the town so that the BOS could have some direction in laying out a path over the next year. I applaud his comments, as he is absolutely correct: the BOS should not be expected to work blindly without regular input from the town. And during the town meeting there was a lot of good, open dialog that was started — a lot of good questions and concerns were posed, but they just couldn’t all be addressed in the time we had. But it was a good start, and it was this informative discussion that should be continued.

However, now that the results are in, I have to pose what I think is a legitimate question: What clear and actionable information was gained from a near 50/50 split vote that the BOS is going to be able to use to move forward over the next few months, as we move toward the actual, official vote in the fall?


Joseph Gaffney