’Up Close and Personal’ Art Exhibition at Groton Public Library


GROTON — Artwork in the upcoming exhibit at the Owen Smith Shuman Gallery at the Groton Public Library is “Up Close and Personal.” Created by award-winning artists Carol Camelio, Carolyn Latanision and Beth Patterson, the paintings look closely at the beauty of details.

”Sometimes it is good to stand back and see the big picture,” curator Barbara Rizza Mellin said. “But in so doing so we often miss the elegance of simple patterns and the majesty of the minuscule. The artists in “Up Close and Personal” have examined both natural and man-made objects with a selective eye, capturing the minutiae of everyday visions and making us see things with a new perspective.”

Visitors to the exhibit, which runs through May 4, will see a diverse offering of images ranging from larger-than-life flowers and fruits to close-up images of clockworks and railroad cars.

Carol L. Rose Camelio, of Lexington, creates large-scale acrylic images, often of flowers or leaves that pay tribute to her appreciation of nature. She claims to “give grandeur to the minutest details of nature and (her) surroundings.”

Carolyn D. Latanision of Winchester likewise sees the artistic value of close examination and pictures the ordinary in a grand manner. Her watercolor series “Clockworks,” gives importance to ordinary objects, as it showcases the curves of gears in a large 22-inch by 30-inch format. Latanision is known for her paintings of people and architecture, and several of her architectural works are represented in the show.

The third artist in the exhibit, Beth Paterson, of Chelmsford, is a nationally recognized artist, whose watercolors have won awards at the National Academy of Design, the American Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA, Rocky Mountain National, the Salmagundi Club, and many other national, state and local competitions.

”I love everything about painting with watercolor,” Patterson said. “The luminosity and brilliance of transparent colors on beautiful rag paper, the fun of experimenting with various techniques and the excitement of this always challenging medium.” Several works from her “Sun-Struck” series, featuring fruit and vegetables in a larger-than-life scale are on display in this exhibit.

The library is located at 99 Main St., Groton. For more information, call (978) 448-8000 or visit www.gpl.org.