TOWNSEND — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, March 20, and Sunday, March 26:

Monday, March 20

A.M. 8:50, Fitchburg Road, person requesting information on a motor vehicle broken into; 11:15, Ash Street, fire alarm.

P.M. 1:33, Main Street West, suspicious activity, two males seen swapping number plates; 3:06, Brookline Road, lost and found; 7:14, Route 119 east, arrest; 7:42, Main Street East, fire alarm.

Tuesday, March 21

A.M. 12:33, Dudley Road, ambulance call ; 2:10, Route 13 South, assist citizen, disabled motor vehicle, car ran out of gas; 9:02, Main Street East, motor vehicle lockout; 9:17, Brookline Road, animal complaint, two lost dogs reunited with their owner.

P.M. 1:38, Spaulding Street, party reported vehicle broken into; 4:13, Pheasant Ridge Road, ambulance call; 7:29, Dudley Road, animal complaint, barking dog.

Wednesday, March 22

A.M. 6:07, Edward Road, arrest; 8:37, Route 119 East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 11:07, Main Street West, motor vehicle lockout; 11:20, South Row Road, assist other agency, check on party not heard from in a while, request from Billerica police; 11:46, Walnut Street, officer wanted, check on person not heard from in a while.

P.M. 1:44, Dudley Road, ambulance call; 4:39, Route 119 East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 8:53, Ash Street, suspicious activity, report of yelling in the area.

Thursday, March 23

A.M. 12:00, Main Street East, operator under the influence; 8:06, Maplewood Drive, fire alarm; 10:35, South Row Road, burglar alarm.

P.M. 2:38, Dudley Road, ambulance call; 4:51, Old Meetinghouse Road, suspicious activity, report of kids shooting pellet guns; 5:51, Brookline Street, suspicious activity, report of cell phone stolen, later recovered; 6:24, Howard Street, fire alarm; 6:27, Brookline Road, assist citizen, information requested on obtaining a restraining order.

Friday, March 24

A.M. 8:29, Dudley Road, assist citizen, person stuck in elevator.

P.M. 5:54, Main Street East, father-daughter altercation, arrest made; 6:13, Main Street East, arrest; 9:16, Main Street West, domestic, abandoned 911 call, arrest made; 9:43, Main Street West, arrest.

Saturday, March 25

A.M. 7:39, Mason Road, request from Fitchburg police to check vehicle for bullet holes from shooting in Fitchburg.

P.M. 3:36, Whitcomb Street, burglar alarm; 10:53, Highland Street, suspicious activity, car in cemetery.

Sunday, March 26

A.M. 3:51, South Street, animal complaint, dog barking; 6:37, Main Street East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 7:20, Main Street East, officer wanted, shell casing fell out of the back of a truck; 8:16, Brookline Street, ambulance call; 9:12, Main Street West, larceny, report of propane gas tank taken from a gas grill.

P.M. 2:33, Wallace Hill Road, suspicious activity, report of gun shots; 2:51, Barker Hill Road, suspicious activity, report of suspicious vehicle in the area.


Monday, March 20: Diego B. Albano, 21, 39 Third Street, Apt. 1, Lowell, Mass. unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, equipment violation.

Wednesday, March 22: Peter J. Linstrom, 50, 11 Edward Road, Townsend, arrested on a warrant.

Thursday, March 23: LauraLee Montouri, 32, 204 Pillsbury Road, Ashby, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Friday, March 24: Donald Porter Davison III, 37, 105 Townsend Street, Pepperell, assault and battery on a child with injury.

Julie Dee Uphold, 40, 441 Main Street, Apt. 3, West Townsend, assault and battery.