Townsend couple takes a shot on ’Skating’s Next Stars’ show


TOWNSEND — A local couple may be skating their way to fame — literally — by competing on the new reality TV show “Skating’s Next Stars” on the Women’s Entertainment (WE) Channel.

Sergey and Jessica Meller are professional ice skaters, and might never have met if not for their talents on the ice.

”We met while we were both performing with ‘Disney On Ice’ five years ago,” Jessica said.

Jessica is a Townsend native, and her husband, Sergey, hails from Moscow, Russia. Both teach and coach ice skaters for a living, and they both love what they do.

”We will teach anyone, from four years old to 60 and older who wants to learn how to skate,” Sergey said. The couple teaches at the North Star Figure Skating Club in Westborough.

Jessica said making the transition from amateur to professional was not too difficult for her.

”The difference between the two is that professional skating is much more theatrical,” she said.

With Disney On Ice, the couple traveled the world performing their craft.

”Every week is a different state or country. We’ve been through most of Europe, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico, the list goes on,” Sergey said.

Sergey and Jessica said instructional skating lets them practice for any upcoming events.

”We’re on the ice anyway, so that’s our time to keep sharp,” Sergey said. “Before we taught, we practiced at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg.”

As for participating on the TV show, Jessica said, it was a natural fit for them.

”We skate pairs or singles, so this show offered us a chance to do what we love on television,” she said.

All episodes of the show have been filmed, but neither one would reveal the final outcome.

”We had to vow silence about the winner of the show, so you’ll have to watch and see,” Sergey joked.

Skating’s Next Stars is a six-week series on the Women’s Entertainment (WE) Channel, with the episodes airing on Tuesday nights.

”What they do is run the previous week’s show first, then this week’s show right after it,” Jessica said. “That way if you miss one, you can still see it.”