SHIRLEY — The town will hold a hearing on April 10, at 7:35 p.m., to review the Devens Disposition Enterprise Board’s memorandum of understanding.

”The (memorandum) is setting the groundwork for the ultimate disposition of Devens,” said town administrator Kyle Keady. “They are looking to bring to each of the townspeople a ballot question: Should Devens become their own community or not? There will be a super town meeting between Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

”The memorandum is trying to put forth the rules by which we are going to play. The memorandum is going to talk about various issues, but it will not be specific about zoning,” he said, “It will cover items such as when jurisdiction is conveyed to the town, when things need to get done and traffic studies. The document is currently 45 pages long.”- Jeanette Wade