I’d like to remind readers that now is a good time for Harvard residents to sign up for a free MassSAVE Home Energy Solutions audit. Benefits to you include identifying improvements you can make to save money on your home energy costs, rebates on energy-saving upgrades, and free stuff. With the highest electricity, natural gas, and heating oil costs the region has ever seen, this program helps you to pinpoint what you can do to save money now.

Why now in Harvard? Harvard Local, a group of volunteers seeking community solutions to our common energy problems, has arranged a block of time for Harvard residents to get onto the list as a group. While some signed up at our table outside of town meeting, there’s still time; if you sign up by April 20 you will be contacted for an appointment early this spring when MassSAVE will do a sweep of interested town residents.

How are energy audits conducted? These free audits bring a MassSAVE energy specialist into your home for a two-hour visit. They perform physical measurements as well as review your energy bills and hand you a house analysis that includes the cellar, outside walls, and attic insulation, windows, and weather stripping, which are all major factors in home heating cost. The analysis rates your appliances that use the most energy and includes the time in months or years in which an appliance or home-improvement upgrade today will pay for itself in energy savings. With today’s soaring energy costs, typical payback times are generally much shorter than they were even four years ago.

To sign up for an audit, call (866) 527-7283 and tell them you are from Harvard, Mass. For more information about Harvard Local, go to